New Parking System at Sawyer Int’l Airport June 1, 2021

Sawyer International Airport Presents: Discover Sawyer Family Day August 1st, 2014

MARQUETTE-Sawyer International Airport, County of Marquette,is pleased to announce the installation of a new parking system at the airport air carrier terminal.The new parking system uses the latest technology to streamline the parking process and provides a touchless entry experience with motion activated sensors at both the entry and exit areas. You may access the parking system by pulling a ticket, swiping your credit card upon entry, or entering your phone number. Please note the outside gates will only use credit card payment, while the pay-on-foot station located inside the airport terminal will allow you to pay for parking with cash or credit card. Corporate parking pass holders will be provided a validation card for quick entry and the opportunity to enter using an iOS smart phone app or Bluetooth Low Entergy (BLE) device by downloading the FlashPARCS app. Parking rates remain the same, including the first two-hours of parking are free and $5 per day thereafter.Visit more information on the new parking system,upcoming flight schedules,and other available travel services.

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