The mediaBrew $1000 a Day Giveaway is just days away from finishing!


Mary Jane Lynch winning her $1000 cash prize
Mary Jane Lynch winning her $1000 cash prize

Marquette, MI – June 1, 2021 – Winning a grand is easy with the mediaBrew $1000 a Day Giveaway! You could be one of the lucky daily winners across the nation. But you might be asking yourself: how can you register for your chance to win? 


It’s easy!

Every weekday until June 11th, listen in to WRUP

for the unique keyword of the hour. Keywords can be heard around 9 am, 12 pm, and 3 pm every weekday. That means that every week day you have three chances to win! 

After you’ve collected your keywords, hop over to our Giveaway Page for instructions on how to submit your keywords and information. Later, keep an eye on your phone, because if you get a call from 412 area code, you may just have won! 

For all the information, please visit the official mediaBrew’s $1000 A Day Giveaway

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