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The Ishpeming Hematite Girls Basketball Team Went Up Against the Hancock Bulldogs, 36-33

Written by on January 9, 2020

Ishpeming, MI January 09, 2020 –The Ishpeming Hematite girls Basketball Team took on the Hancock Bulldogs Thursday night. The Ishpeming boys Basketball Team were victories against the Bulldogs the night before. The Ishpeming girls were hoping for the same outcome. Tyler Young and Bob Nadeau Broadcasted the game on 98.3 WRUP.

In the first quarter the Bulldogs started off with the ball. Hancock lit the board up with a three pointer 3-0.  Bulldog Taylor Sebbas found an opening and scored a two pointer 5-0. Hematite Kayla Koski was quick to respond with a three pointer 5-3.  Emma Poirier made her way up the court to catch up to the Bulldogs 7-6. Bulldog Kaisa Salani entered the court and ended the first quarter with a two pointer 9-6.

The Hematites started moving in the second quarter. Ishpeming senior Emma Poirier got a free throw in 9-7. Ishpeming Hematites Madisyn Mead and Tia Mattila fought to get the ball in, but were not successful. Hancock Bulldog Isabella Hebert worked her way in and bounced the ball in 11-7. Poirier caught her teammates up with a couple free throws 11-9. Koski passed a quick ball to Poirier. Poirier managed to tie up the game with a two pointer 11-11. They were not tied for long Bulldog Hebert scored a bucket 13-11. Sebbas fouled, Poirier went to the free throw line and made two buckets 13-13. Bulldog Sierrah Driscoll ended the fourth quarter with a point 14-13.

The third quarter started off as a heated battle, the teams were neck and neck.  Ishpeming started off with the ball. Poirier scored right away 15-14. Bulldog D’Andra Kero made an appearance with a three pointer 17-13. Poirer fought back with two points 17-15.  Poirier managed to get her hands back on the ball and bounced it off the glass 17-17. Bulldog D’Andra Kero was quick to break the tie with more scoring points 22-17. Mattila worked her way up the court and passed the ball on to Poirier. Poirier scored a three pointer 22-20.  Bulldog Sebbas and Hebert squeezed points in before the buzzer 25-20.

Tia Mattila found an opening right away in the fourth quarter and scored a three pointer 25-23. Hematite Rebekah Loman made a basket, but unfortunately it did not count she fouled. Poirier quickly received the ball and tied the game back up with two points 25-25. Bulldog Sebbas was not stopping she broke the tye 28-25. Sebbas’s teammate Maari Brey followed her lead with a two pointer 30-25. With less than two minutes on the clock  Bulldog Kalli Chynoweth scored  32-25.  Hematite Poirier was not giving up she bounced a ball into the bucket 32-27. Madisyn Mead flew across the court when the clock was ticking and scored 32-29. Chynoweth and Kero scored more points for the Bulldogs 34-30.  Poirier felt the pressure at the end of the game as she had to make two free throws, Poirier made them. Kero had her take at free throws and scored 36-30. Poirier ran the court and managed to score one more basket before the end of the game, but there was not enough time on the clock to make a comeback. The Hancock Bulldogs took home the win 36-33.

Join Tyler Young and Bob Nadeau on Friday, January 10th as the Ishpeming Hematite boys go up against the Manistique Emeralds. You can catch the pregame show around 6:45pm on 98.3 WRUP.

Listen to a recording of the broadcast here!


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