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Ishpeming Hematites Lose To Gladstone Braves 51-42, On 98.3 WRUP

Written by on March 3, 2022

Ishpeming, MI – March 3rd, 2022 – The Ishpeming Hematites boys basketball team faced off against the Gladstone Braves Thursday night. The game was broadcast live on 98.3 WRUP!

1st Quarter – The Hematites continued pushing their victory’s in Thursday’s match against the Braves but lost the tip off to Gladstone. It took some time for the Braves to push the score but a couple quick passes reached 4-3. The ball was with the Hematites who were looking to get past the offensive pressure of the Braves. Gladstone’s own Caden Downey, started off with a strong play and it trickled in, 13-12 still with the Braves. After Jayce Kipling

Ishpeming Hematites

Ishpeming Hematites

had an amazing drive and started to grow the Hematites momentum, 15-12 still with the Braves though. Later in the quarter the Braves picked up some momentum with under 2 minutes but were still trailing behind Gladstone. The Hematites with some offensive loss went into the 2nd quarter at 19-14, for the Braves.

2nd Quarter – Entering the second quarter, the Hematites quickly got back on their feet but fouled within the first couple minutes of the 2nd quarter. The Hematite Alex Sunberg was unsuccessful at the three point attempt but Griffin Argall was able to get there and scored, 20-15. Hematites were trying to make the big plays but were still having little to no momentum in Thursday’s game, 24-19. The teams were both pushing down the court with under one minute to go in the 2nd when the Braves team continued to see more offensive success. Ishpeming was slowly climbing back up but still looking to claim their lead and were closely following the Braves. Gladstone just kept pushing down the gas pedal and kept scoring as they entered halftime still in the lead at 27-21.

3rd Quarter – With the basketball game back underway, the Hematite boys were still desperately looking to get their offensive edge back however the Braves were still controlling at 29-25. The Gladstone team continued to lead and didn’t give Ishpeming any room to move forward. The Braves were at 32-25 as they started to grow the Hematites point deficit. The Hematites offensive drives in this game were not looking strong enough to become a threat to the Braves and went into the last quarter of Thursday’s game at 37-27.

Hematites Free Throw

Hematites Free Throw

4th Quarter – In the last quarter on Thursday, the Gladstone team was on top of their offensive plays as they controlled the Hematites at 38-27. Their defense was controlling Ishpeming when AJ  Prosser, Hematites #30, had a great offensive play getting them a little momentum at 42-31. With the Hematites 3 point shooters to score, the 5 minutes left in the game didn’t seem like enough time for them to come back. After AJ Prosser took the bench, Ryan Maki took the ball up the right side and scored two more free throws; 44-36.  The Ishpeming team struggled to find their footing Thursday night with Gladstone controlling the court at 49-40.  This game had Gladstone offense all over it as the clock ran out and defeated Hematites at 51-42.



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