One Last Shot at the mediaBrew $1000 a Day Giveaway! Don’t miss yours

mediaBrew's $1000 A Day Giveaway on WRUP 98.3
We've got your chance to win $1000
We’ve got your chance to win $1000

Marquette, MIJune 11, 2021 – Today marks the final day of the mediaBrew $1000 a Day Giveaway. Though two chances have passed now, there’s still one more keyword at 3pm later today. After that, auf Wiedersehen!

Good luck to all those submitting their last keywords, and a big thank you to everyone who’s taken part in this event. The enthusiasm for the contest has been overwhelming!

Looking to get involved with something else? Why not check out the Runs like a Deere Giveaway? Or, keep your nose to the ground because you never know what’s going to come up next!

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