mediaBrew's $1000 A Day Giveaway on WRUP 98.3
mediaBrew’s $1000 A Day Giveaway on WRUP 98.3

Marquette, MI  –  April 19, 2021  –  Starting today we’re launching a brand new giveaway where you’ll have three chances each work day to win $1000 over the next eight weeks!

The mediarew $1000 A Day Giveaway includes two parts:

First you have to listen to Sunny 101.9 around 9am, 12pm, or 3pm to catch the keyword for the hour. With three different keywords throughout the day, you can hear one of them or all three for up to three chances to win each day.

Once you’ve got your keyword or words, visit the official mediaBrew $1000 A Day Giveaway page on to submit your words! Click on the graphic that says “Click Here to Submit Keywords” and a form will open up. You’ll just have to fill this form out completely once, then it’ll remember your information each day so you can just enter the new keyword you heard!

Register each day with the new keywords to help your chances of winning this national contest and receiving $1000! Additionally, our sister stations are doing the giveaway too, so you can register each day across all six stations if you want to.

For more details on how this contest works and contest rules, visit the official mediaBrew $1000 A Day Giveaway Page on

Good luck and watch for a call from a 412 area code!

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