Musical Performances and Fundraising During the 9th Night of Music at Ishpeming High School

Hematites in Harmony did a great job with their performance.

Ishpeming, MI  –  November 10, 2018  – Just hours after the snowy Hematites Division 8 Semi-Finals game many Marquette County residents came out to Ishpeming High School Saturday evening for the 7pm Ishpeming Alumni Show.  The 9th Annual Night of Music allowed several singers and band members to  share songs they love in the Ishpeming High School Auditorium. Kids with horns, guys with guitars, singers, and a Hammond organ plus Twin Leslies, everything you can think of was there! The speaker set up in the auditorium made the evening a “Like WOW” moment in downtown Ishpeming.

Hematites in Harmony did a nice job as each member got to sing part of the songs as a solo. The brass and woodwind players were fun, and their music melodic. Curt and Kim’s acoustic music is always done well and was a crowd favorite. New band, the Jazz Trio, made up of Jerry Kippola, Linda Smith, and Todd Noordyk finished the evening with three Jazz Standards as sung by Nora Jones and Joni Mitchel, leaving the audience wanting more.

Plan to come next year’s 10th Annual Ishpeming Alumni Fall Fundraiser for more musically expressions and a chance to give back to your high school.

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