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The Ishpeming Hematite Boys Basketball Team Cruise To Victory Over Houghton Gremlins, 88-83

Written by on February 4, 2020

Ishpeming, MI February 04, 2020 – The Ishpeming Hematite boys basketball team took on the Houghton Gremlins Tuesday night. Tyler Young and Bob Nadeau were on the air keeping fans posted on 98.3 WRUP.

The Hematites had the ball first in the first quarter. Ishpeming senior Gavin Argall put up a two point shot right away 2-0. Houghton junior Pablo Salgado put up a three 3-2. Hematite Jacob Kugler answered immediately with a three 5-3. The Gremlins put up a free throw and tied the game 5-5. The Gremlins broke the tie with a layup 7-5. Kugler threw in some points 8-7. Gremlin Brad Simonsen got the Gremlins ahead with a couple baskets 11-8. Hematies Ben Pruett tied the game back up with a three 11-11. Simonsen broke the tie with another basket 13-11. Simonsen was on fire and scored again 15-11. Hematite Gavin Argall fouled, Simonsen went to the line and scored a free throw 16-11. Hematite Breck Bell worked his way inside and scored 16-13. At the end of the first quarter Gremlin Dylan Primeau fouled, Pruett scored a free throw 16-14. Pruett put up a three from the left corner 17-16.

Both teams were in anxious in the second quarter. Jacob Kugler bounced the ball off the glass 19-16. Hematite Breck Bell followed behind with a three 22-16. Gremlin Simonsen responded with a basket 22-18. Kugler went back up with a three 25-18. Ishpeming Senior Otto Swanson put up a shot 27-18. Simonsen fouled, Swanson went to the line and scored 28-18. Kugler received his first follow, Simonsen put in two free throws 28-20. Hematite Jayce Kippling threw up a three 32-20. Swanson went up with a layup 34-20. Swanson was working hard he scored another bucket 35-20. Simonsen put in two free throws 35-22. Primeau fouled again, Argall went to the line and made a free throw 36-22. Gremlin Will Romano made an appearance on the court with a two 36-24. Bell received a technical foul and Simonsen went back to the line and scored 36-28. Simonsen turned around and went up with a layup 36-30. Argall responded with a layup 38-28. Kippling worked his way inside with a bucket 40-28. Hematite John Corkin went up with a layup 42-28. Salgado threw in a two 42-32. Kugler bounced the ball of the back board 44-32. Gremlin Sean Ruotsala made his way in with a shot 44-34.

The Hematites stayed strong in the third quarter. Kugler put up a three right away 47-34. Gremlin Jordan Jurva responded with a two 47-36. Kugler threw in a three 50-36. Simonsen threw in a basket 50-36. Hematites scored another buck 52-36. Simonsen tacked on some more points for his Gremlins 52-42. Gremlins threw in another three 52-46. Swanson showed he could throw in a three too 55-46. Jurva threw in a three 57-49. Pruett went up with a layup 58-49. Gremlins floated a two up 57-51. Kugler gave the Hematites two more points 59-51. Simonsen threw in another three 59-54. Corkin tacked on some more points for the Hematites with a three 62-54.  Romano answered with a three 62-57. At the end of the third quarter Kugler decided he wanted another three 65-57.

The fourth quarter flew by. Breck bell fouled out of the game. Simonsen and his Gremlins started creeping up on the Hematites 65-62. Hematites put in another three 68-54. Corkin worked his way inside and turned things up 70-54. Salgado went to the line and scored two free throw 70-56. Kugler moved back inside with another three 73-56. Simonsen responded with a two point shot 73-58. Pruett put up a shot 75-58. Simonsen got his hands back on the ball 75-60. Swanson bounced one off the back board 70-60. The Gremlins floated another one in 75-62. Argall worked his magic at the end of the game 80-74. Gremlin Simonsen was not going down without a fight he put in another two 80-76. Salgado fouled again, Swanson threw in a free throw 81-76. Ramano fouled again as well, Arglall scored two free throws 83-76. Simonsen floated in another three 83-79. Kugler put a three also 85-79. Pruett received his first foul. Simonsen made both free throws 85-81. With less than 20 seconds left Salgado fouled and Pruett went to the line and scored two free throws 87-81. Simonsen put up a shot 87-83.  With less than ten seconds left Argall went to the line and put in the last free throw of the game 88-83. Hematites kept the win at home 87-83!

Join Tyler Young and Bob Nadeau Wednesday, February 5th as the Ishpeming Hematite girls battle up against the Gwinn Model Towners. The Pregame show will start around 6:45pm on 98.3 WRUP.

Listen to the action here!


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