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The Ishpeming Hematite Girls Basketball Team Fall to the Negaunee Miners, 47-23

Written by on January 7, 2020

Ishpeming, MI January 7th, 2020 –The Ishpeming Hematite girls basketball team met with their Negaunee Miner Rivals on Tuesday night. Tyler Young and Bob Nadeau were in on the excitement on 98.3 WRUP.

The game started off quickly. Negaunee won the tip and kept things moving.  The opening points went to the Miners.  Miner Alyssa Hill scored a two pointer, Larissa Anderson followed behind with a bucket 3-0. The Miners were not stopping. Hematites Emma Poirier and Tia Matilla tried to score, but failed to get the ball in. Miner Lilly Nelson scored a three pointer 10-0. With less than two minutes left in the quarter the Hematites called a timeout. The Hematites were not able to come back strong from the timeout. The Miners took the lead in the first quarter 15-0.

The Heamtites started the second quarter off with the ball, they were able to come back a little bit stronger. Hematite Rylee Harris scored a three pointer. Negaunee Miner Morgan Carlson was quick to respond with bouncing one off the backboard 14-3. Poirier struggled to get inside. Negaunee sophomore Hill was able to bounce one of the rim and into the bucket 16-3. Madisyn Mead assisted the Hematites with some free throws 16-6. Carlson scored a two pointer 18-6. Poirier floated one up 18-8. Negaunee Miners Carlson and Hill demonstrated awesome team work on the court and were able to score more points 24-8. With six seconds left on the clock Hemmatite Poirier found an opening and scored 24-10.

The Miners were still standing their ground in the third quarter they manged to score right away 26-10. Ishpeming senior Poirier was showing strong defense, but Alyssa Hill managed to get the ball in 28-10. The Negaunee Miners were not letting the Hematites in. Negaunee Sophomore Lilly Nelson was able to boost the score 30-10 with her free throws. Hematites Kayla Koski and Madisyn Mead went back and forth with the ball, but could not find an opening. Negaunee Carlson scores a three pointer at the very end of the third quarter 33-10.

In the begining of the fourth quarter Mead was able to score the Hematites first points of the second half 33-12.  Negaunee Miner Breanne Giotto worked her way up the court and scored 38-14. Mead and Harris were able to tack on a few more points to Ishpemings score 38-16. The  Negaunee miners were not stopping for nothing. Negaunee Senior Breanne Giotto passed the ball to Hill, Hill was able to float another one in 42-19.  Negaunee’s Lilly Nelson scored a three pointer 45-19. Mead was quick to bounce back with more points, but it was not enough for the Hematites to catch up. The Negaunee Miners kept the win on their home court 47-23.

Join Tyler Young and Bob Nadeu Wednesday, January 8th as the Ishpeming Hematite Boys Basketball team takes on Hancock. Catch the pregame show around 6:30pm on 98.3 WRUP.

Listen to the action here!



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