Ishpeming Hematites (71) Girls Basketball at Manistique Emeralds (28)

Manistique, MIFebruary 24th, 2015 – The Ishpeming Hematites girls basketball team took on the Manistique Emeralds in Manistique Emeralds tonight. Mike Plourde and Bob Nadeau brought you the action live on 98.3 WRUP!

The Hematites started strong with Kaylie Engler and Jessica Spencer both scoring early to give the Hematites a 4 point lead to start the action. The tables turned as Manistique scored 8 straight, until Marissa Maino grabbed an offensive rebound and scored to make it 6-8 with 3 minutes left. Maino scored again on the next possession to tie the game. Maino hit her 3rd straight shot, followed by Khora Swanson hitting a 3 to make it 13-9 with less than a minute in the quarter remaining. Engler scored again for the Hematites to bring a 11-1 run and a 15-9 lead into the second quarter.

First Quarter Score:
Ishpeming Hematites 15
Manistique Emeralds 9

Manistique hit a 3-pointer to start the second, but Lindsey Thompson immediately answered with a 3 of her own. Morgan Skytta hit a 3-pointer for the Hematites, followed by a 3-point play by Swanson to make it 24-12 halfway through the quarter. The Hematites run continued with Maino putting back a missed shot, followed by Spencer scoring off of a steal to make it 13 straight points for the Hematites. Manistique scored to end the Hematites run, but Maino had 2 more free throws, and a putback basket at the buzzer to make it 32-15 going into halftime.

Halftime Score:
Ishpeming Hematites 32
Manistique Emeralds 15

The Hematites started the second half with a 9-0 run with Engler, spencer, Thompson, and Jessica Penhale all scoring to make it 41-15. Manistique then scored 6 straight points to make it 41-21 with 3:34 left in the game. The Hematites then started putting more points on the board, with a 3-point play from Swanson followed by jumpshots from Brianna Aho and Hailly Thompson to make it 48-21. Ishpeming continued to move ahead, with a 55-23 lead going into the final quarter.

Third Quarter Score:
Ishpeming Hematites 55
Manistique Emeralds 23

The Hematites continued to dominate in the final quarter. By the end of the game 10 Hematite players had scored, and Ishpeming won 71-28.

Final Score:
Ishpeming Hematites 71
Manistique Emeralds 28

The Hematites were lead in scoring by Marissa Maino, who had 18 points and 7 rebounds in the win. Khora Swanson had 13 points, and Jessica Spencer had 10 points and 7 rebounds for the Hematites.

The Ishpeming Hematites will take on the Negaunee Miners at home on Thursday, February 26th at 7:30pm on 98.3 WRUP and!

Listen: The Ishpeming Hematites Girls Basketball team defeats the Manistique Emeralds February 24th, 2015 on 98.3 WRUP.

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