Ishpeming Hematites Boys Basketball team conquer Manistique Emeralds 77-41

Manistique, MI – December 5th, 2018 – The Ishpeming Hematites Boys Basketball team dominated the game facing off against the Manistique Emeralds this evening in a Michigan High School Sports event with a final score of 77-41.

The Ishpeming Hematites boys dominated the game from tip-off to the end of the 4th in a staggering show of athleticism and skill over Manistique showing Coach Anthony Katona and the Hematites boys are not a force to be trifled with on the court. Coming in to the first frame Jaden Tucker put up the first score of the game putting the Hematites on an opening lead, and Hart Holdgren put in a barrage of unanswered shots accounting for 6 of the 8 points the Hematites had on the board in the early frame and Ishpeming finished the first with a major lead of 19-3.

Ishpeming Hematites Boys tough offense
Ishpeming Hematites Boys tough offense

The second frame followed much like the first, Hart Holmgren with an assist of Darius Yohe put in a dunk, Gavin Sunberg put points on the board and the Hematites put up a giant lead with no hope for the Emeralds to close the gap in sight, although Manistique began to fire back and gain some momentum it was not enough and the Hematites took the half leading 42-20.

Darius Yohe came into the start of the third frame with a big 3 pointer showing the Hematites would not be slowing down. Hunter Smith returned to the Hematites team after being out for a football injury earlier in 2017, he was sporting the #1 jersey and put his first score of the season on the board. The Hematites dominated the third frame and set the game into a running clock 70-30 by the end of the third.

The game finished off with the Hematites pushing to a final score of 77-41 taking an easy victory of Manistique. Hart Holdgren suffered an injury to his eye and sat the second half of the 4th out, and Skyler Anderson of the Emeralds played a very strong game for his team despite an overwhelming Hematites offense. Hart Holdgren lead the team in point for a total

of 23, followed by Gaven Sunberg with 17 and Jaden Tucker with 14.

The Hematites Girls will be in action in gwinn when they take on the Modeltowners on January 9th, so join us on 98.3 WRUP and online at, pregame is at 7:15PM and tip-off is at 7:30.