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The Ishpeming Hematite Girls Basketball Team Traveled to Manistique to Play the Emeralds, 40-39

Written by on January 24, 2020

Manistique, MI January 24, 2020 –The Ishpeming Hematite girls basketball team took on the Manistique Emeralds Friday night. Tyler Young and Bob Nadeau broadcasted the game on 98.3 WRUP.

It was Parent night in Manistique the parents and the players were ready to roll. The Emeralds started off with the ball in the first quarter. Emerald Brooke St. John turned the scoreboard on with a two pointer. Hematite Emma Poirier found Tia Mattila on the court. Mattila scored a three pointer 2-3. The Emeralds were quick to respond with another two points 4-3.  Manistique’s Emilee McDaniel traveled the length of the court and put up a long two 6-3. Hematite Kayla Koski received her first foul and St. John walked to the free throw line. St. John scored one of her free throws 7-3. Shortly after the basket St.John fouled and Poirier went to the free throw line, she scored one bucket 7-4. McDaniel went the length of the floor again and made a basket 9-4. Emerald Kayla Muth found an opening and scored 11-4. The Hematites worked their way back inside and scored 11-6. Poirier went to the free throw line 11-7. Emerald Ava Fleck went up with a basket 13-7. Fleck’s teammates followed with another basket 15-7. The Emeralds scored one free throw before the clock ran out 16-8.

Poirier kicked off the second quarter with two points 16-10. Muth fouled and Poirier ended up at the free throw line she made her second basket 16-11. Ishpeming junior Rebekah Loman went up and scored 16-13. The Emeralds worked their way back inside 19-13. Poirier fouled, Manistique sophmore Olivia Kingren shot up a free throw 19-13. Rylee Harris managed to bump the Hematites up with a three pointer 19-16. Manistique kept pushing through and put up another shot 21-16. At the end of the second quarter Muth picked up her second foul. Loman went to the free throw line, but did not make a basket.

The pressure was on in the third quarter. Koski went the length of the floor and floated the ball in 21-18. Koski quickly tied up the game 21-21. The teams quickly tied again 23-23. Muth broke the tie with a three pointer 26-23. Hematite Joceyln Nyman quickly tied the girls back up 26-26. Loman got a rebound and put the ball in 28-26. Nyman found another opening and scored 30-26. Koski fouled, McDaniels scored a free throw 30-27. McDaniels was quick on her feet to score a two pointer at the end of the the third quarter 30-29.

It was a very exciting fourth quarter. With a little over six minutes left in the game Emma Poirier fouled out. Emerald Madison Zellar bounced one in 31-30. Koski fouled and Kingren went to the line and scored two free throws 33-30. Tia Mattila went to the line after Kingren fouled. Mattila made two shots 33-32. Harris received her first foul. Kingren passed the ball to Flek. Flek bounced the ball off the rim 35-32. Manistique was not calling it quits they put in another two pointer 37-32. Koski got her hands on the ball and bounced it off the back board 37-34. Muth found McDaniels on the court, McDaniels went up and scored 39-34. Hematites scored again 39-35. Loman passed the ball on to Mattila, Mattila floated it in 39-37. With less than two minutes left Koski found an opening an tied the game 39-39. Loman received her first foul. McDaniel went to the line and made a free throw 40-39. With less than twenty seconds left on the clock the Hematites called a full timeout. Loman got bumped in the face, Fleck fouled. Loman went to the free throw line, but her shots were no good. It was a hard loss for the Hematites. The Emeralds won 40-39.

Join Tyler Young and Bob Nadeau on Monday, January 27th as the Ishpeming Hematite girls go up against the Negaunee Miners. You can catch the pregame show around 6:45pm on 98.3 WRUP.

Listen to the game here!




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