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The Ishpeming Hematite Girls Basketball Team Battled Against the Negaunee Miners, 53-42

Written by on January 27, 2020

Ishpeming, Michigan – January 27th, 2020 – The Ishpeming Hematite girls basketball team had their Negaunee neighbors on their court Monday night. Tyler Young and Bob Nadeau were in on the action on 98.3 WRUP.

The battle started off quickly. Miners won the tip. Negaunee Miner Alyssa Hill scored right away 2-0. Lilly Nelson followed behind Hill with a bucket 4-0. Miner Chloe Norman worked her way across the court and scored a three 7-0. Morgan Carlson tacked on some points for the miners 9-0. Chloe Norman of Negaunee found an opening and scored a three 12-0. Olivia Corp from Ishpeming managed to scoot past the Hematites with a bucket 12-2. Miner Hill responded with a basket 14-2. Hematites quickly answered with two more buckets one from Kayla Koski and one from Emma Poirier 14-6. Rebekah Loman followed her teammates with another bucket 14-9.

The second quarter started off quickly.Koski scored immediately 14-11. Hill worked her way back inside with a basket 16-11. Negaunee Miner Lilly Nelson put up a three 19-11. Poirier made a long two 19-13. Poirier turned around and scored again 19-15. Miner Sierra Hendrickson made an appearance with a sharp two 21-15. Hill fouled, Loman went to the free throw line and scored a bucket 21-16. Norman moved past the Hematites and put up a shot 23-16. Larissa Anderson followed behind with a bucket 25-16. Alyssa Hill put up a shot with fifteen seconds left 27-16. Right before the buzzer went off Poirier bounced one in 27-18.

Hematites started off the third quarter with the ball. Nyman fouled. Carlson managed to add some points for the Miners 30-18. Poirier moved in quickly with a three 30-21. Poirier wanted more, so she scored another three 30-24. Hematite Tia Mattila found Poirier on the court, Poirier made another three 30-27. Loman got her hands back on the ball 30-29. Hendrickson answered with two points 32-29. At the end of the fourth quarter Carlson fouled, Poirier went to the line and scored both baskets 32-31.

The teams were under pressure in the fourth quarter. Loman scored right away and got the Miners ahead 33-32. The Miners pushed back in 34-33. Loman showed strong defense in the fourth quarter. Carlson picked up her second foul, Koski walked to the free throw line and made a bucket 34-34. Hematites received another foul, Hill broke the tie with one free throw 35-34. Anderson worked her way in with a three 38-34. Emma Poirier was not giving up she scored another three 38-37. Hill answered right away with a bucket 40-37.  Nelson followed behind with a three for the miners 43-37. Carlson fouled, Hematite Jocelyn Nyman scored two free throws 43-39. Norman squeezed her way in with a shot 46-39. The Miners made two more free throws 48-39. Miners received another foul, Loman went back to the line and made a bucket 48-40. Nyman fouled again and Hendrickson scored a free throw 49-41. Poirier fought hard and scored another bucket 49-42. Hematites called a timeout with less than thirty seconds left. Norman came back from the timeout and went to the free throw line and ended the game with two buckets 53-42.

Join Tyler Young and Bob Nadeau Tuesday, January 28th as the Ishpeming Hematite boys basketball team play against the Gladstone Braves. The pregame show will kick off around 6:45pm on 98.3 WRUP.

Listen to a recording of the broadcast here!


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