Hematites Victorious Against Mustangs 48 – 6

The guys are ready for a wondrous game.

Ishpeming, MIOctober 12, 2018 – Grey storm clouds threatened snow during the Ishpeming Hematites‘ eighth game of the season opposing the Munising Mustangs, 48 – 6. The players were clad in pink, the field peppered with balloons of the same color in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. After this intense battle of will, they remain undefeated once again. The week prior, they demolished the adversarial team the West Iron County Wykons and won 14 – 0.

The coin was flipped and Ishpeming won, but they deferred it. The first few minutes of the game were full of the teams running the ball back and forth the field. That is until Gavin Sundberg scored a 7-yard touchdown with no two-point conversion, which brought the score to 6 – 0. For the remainder of the quarter, the teams were at odds with one another. The second quarter began and the Hematites were determined to smash their competition. Matt Traywick scored an impressive 5-yard run and Gavin Sundberg achieved the two-point conversion, bringing us to 14 – 0. These two certainly made a powerhouse of a duo this game, as Gavin Sundberg ran a 9-yard touchdown while Treywick made the two-point conversion, the resulting count being 22 – 0. At the end of the quarter, Gavin Sundberg again made a 6-yard run, reaching the endzone. Nolan Corwin got the extra two points, bringing the score to 30 – 0.

The third quarter was upon us and the Mustangs were determined to make a comeback, as they were risking a running clock. However, this was to no avail. Drake Sundberg ran a 29-yard touchdown with no two-point conversion, bringing the score to 36 – 0. The clock was ticking! So Jesse Mattson of the Mustangs finally broke through the Hematite’s rock-solid defense, finally getting his team on the board at 36 – 6 with no two point conversion. This resulted in the clock ceasing to run for a short time. Unfortunately for them, Gavin Sundberg ran a. He went left, he went right, bouncing back and forth until he broke through to the endzone, accomplishing what Mike Plourde called the “best play of the season.” There was no two-point conversion, so that brought the score to 42 – 6, where it remained until the fourth quarter. With the clock running, the Mustangs were running out of time and were unable to prevent Nolan Corwin from running a 13 yard touchdown, bringing the final score to 48 – 6.

The Hematites will be playing again on October 18th against the Bark River-Harris Broncos. Listen to everything at WRUP 98.3 and online at wrup.com.

Listen to all the action here!


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