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Ishpeming Hematite Boys Basketball – Ishpeming Hematites (59) VS Kingsford Flivers (39) on 98.3 WRUP 1/24/14

Written by on January 24, 2014

1/24/14 – Kingsford, Michigan – “Respect the Rock!”  It was Hematite Friday night as the Ishpeming Hematite Boys basketball team traveled to Kingsford to take on the Flivers.  Can you think of a better way to start the weekend then with our Hematites meeting in competitve spirit?  This was the first time our Hematite boys have met up with the Flivers since the 1970s.  Mike Plourde and Bob Nadeau were also in Kingsford to bring you all the exciting “court” action on 98.3 WRUP.

The game started underway as the Flivers won the jump ball and posted a three pointer right off the bat to put points on the board.  Both teams were very high in energy.  The Hematites quickly tossed a bucket of their own from under the basket putting points on the board (3-2, Flivers).  Ishpeming then got a chance at the free throw line and was able to make both shots, taking over the lead at 4-3.  Kingsford answered back with a basket of their own, taking back the lead at 5-4.  Kingsford utilized a zone defense but Ishpeming was able to sink a nice lay up taking over the lead at 6-5.  Both teams battled back and forth fighting for the lead as the Flivers took the lead again after making another basket (7-6, Flivers).  Ishpeming did not let the Flivers keep their lead for long tho and quickly scored two baskets increasing the score to 10-7, Hematites lead.  Both teams continued the fast pace and high energy competitiveness as the quarter began to run down.    Ishpeming made a “sweet” play at the basket sinking the ball in and then ended up going to the free throw line but could not make the shot (12-7, Hematites).  The Hematites then increased their lead by seven after another nice play at the hoop.  The Flivers countered with a three pointer from the side closing the lead to 14-10, but Ishpeming posted a great shot at the buzzer picking up two more points.  The first quarter ended with a score of 16-10, Hematites keeping their lead.

It was Ishpeming’s ball to start the second quarter.  Both teams utilized their quick passing skills and fast feet.  The Hematites pushed to defend and increase  their lead as the Flivers fought to take it over.  Both teams made various shot attempts but could not sink any in for the first part of the quarter.  Ishpeming was able to then sink a “nice” three pointer to increase their lead even more to 19-10.  The Flivers did get a chance at the free throw line and was able to make both shots (19-12, Hematites).  Ishpeming countered back by posting a nice basket and making it in.  The Hematites then sunk a “nice long two” bucket giving them a better lead at 23-12.  The Flivers brought the ball in shortly after and carried it all the way across the court, had an offensive foul and had to give up the ball.  The Hematites picked up the pace even more by making a “great” block against the Flivers but Kingsford ended up going to the free throw line and made both shots.  However, Ishpeming brought the ball back down court in return and made a nice play sinking the ball in from the right (25-14, Hematites).  The Flivers returned to the free throw line again and were able to sink one in, but the Hematites sunk a “big” three pointer in from “right down Division street” to make the score 28-15, Hematites keeping their lead.  The half ended with a score of 30-15, Hematite lead after one more Ishpeming basket.

The second half started with Kingsford having possession of the ball.  The Flivers brought it down to the point and used quick passing with the hopes to sink one in, but Ishpeming recovered the rebound and sunk two “big” three pointers from right “down Division Street” again (36-15, Hematites).  As the game progressed the Hematites continued their fast pace and high energy.  Kingsford attempted to make an ally-oop, but could not make it in.  Both teams continued with various shots and the Hematites were able to post two more buckets increasing their lead to 40-17 after a Fliver basket.  Ishpeming got to return to the free throw line after a Fliver foul and was able to make one of the throws.  Kingsford sunk a nice “turn around” jump shot changing the score to 41-19, Hematites lead.  The Hematites continued with their high energy and competitiveness as they were able to post a nice reverse lay up.  The baskets continued to fly for both teams throughout the half as the score quickly became 45-23, with the Hematites maintaining their lead.  Ishpeming had another great play resulting in a “sweet” reverse lay up being sunk into the basket.  The third quarter ended with a score of 47-23, Hematites remaining in the  lead.

The final quarter started off with the Hematites making a nice “fade away” jump shot.  The Hematites then were able to sink two more buckets, including one “off the square” increasing their lead to 53-23.  The Flivers got a chance at the free throw line twice after two fouls and were able to make all four free throws (53-27, Hematites).  The energy remained high for both teams as they continued to run the ball up and down court.  Kingsford was able to sink a nice three pointer but Ishpeming answered back with a bucket of their own from the foul line.  The Flivers didn’t let that stop them, they quickly retaliated back by sinking a basket.  The score became 57-36 Hematites still leading after the Flivers got two more chances at the free throw line.  Kingsford then sunk a three pointer from the “right of the point” closing the Hematite lead to 57-39.  The game ended with one more Hematites making one more basket.  The Hematites win with a final score of 59-39.  Great Job Hematites!!!

LISTEN – The Ishpeming Hematites defeat the Kingsford Flivers 59-39 Friday January 24th 2014.mp3

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