Dan Beltz Wins John Deere Riding Mower in Great Lakes Radio Giveaway

Well the year started off right for us here at Great Lakes Radio Inc.  The word got out in plenty and we had a packed house up at Red Rock Lanes in Ishpeming.  With people coming all the way from Manistique for a chance to be going home with a John Deere Zero Turn-Mower from Michigan Sales & Equipment of Marquette.  Whether they heard from us here at WRUP, or on SunnyFM, WQXO, or WFXD, everybody was excited for their chance to win!

There's no party without the voice of the Hematites:  Mike Plourde (right)

There’s no party without the voice of the Hematites: Mike Plourde (right)

With the doors not scheduled to open until 6:15, we had people lining up as early as 4:30!  Whether it was for a delicious Mama Russo’s meal, a chance to socialize with a big group of people, or if you were just in-it-to-win-it, people were more than happy to come out and join our Great Lakes Radio family for a night filled with fun, food, and drinks.  With people getting seated in the banquet hall between the Synergy Fitness and BioLife tables, we dismissed them for dinner!  Once everybody had full stomachs, we got to enjoy the game of the night:  Putting contests.  While only six people made the “semi-finals” for the John Deere Mower, everybody who had an invite was able to take a crack at winning a free game of bowling with one putt on our very difficult hole.  There were some complete failures, easy successes, heart breakers, and the occasional trick shot but everybody managed to have a good time.

Daniel Beltz getting congratulated by the entire crew!

Daniel Beltz getting congratulated by the entire crew!

When all the shots were taken, we finally got to the moment of truth.  Six people’s tickets were drawn and they each picked an envelope, five of which had some lesser prizes, but one held the key to cutting one’s grass in style and luxury.  After the ten second countdown, we had a victor:  Daniel Beltz of Marquette!  After seeing the illustrious Todd Noordyke “test drive” the machine off of the trailer, I”m sure you’ll have an endless supply of entertainment while cutting the grass the next few years.

All this was possible due to our fabulous sponsors tonight:  SIR Federal Credit Union, Togo’s, Norway Springs, Carmike Cinemas, Pike Distributors & Labatt Blue, Globe Printing, and Hudson’s Classic Grill.  We here at Great Lakes Radio really enjoy reaching out to Yoopers everywhere over 200 miles of God’s country!  Thank you so much for all of your support and giving us the ability to provide you all with a wonderful night.

You can see many more pictures from the night’s events by clicking RIGHT HERE!

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