Gladstone, MI – December 7th, 2021 – The Ishpeming Hematites started their 2021 campaign visiting The Gladstone Braves Tuesday evening. The game was broadcast live on 98.3 WRUP!

1st Quarter – In the first quarter on Tuesday night’s game the Hematites and the Braves faced off and both teams looked hungry for the first win of the season. Drake Johnson on the Gladstone Braves gained a chance at the free throw line after a foul. The Braves drove down the court and secured 2 points right off the glass. The Hematites soon after responded with a 2 pointer. Later in the quarter a couple fouls and a successful three pointer brought the Braves up to 11 points while the Hematites began to trail off at 7 points. The quarter ended at 11-7 for the Braves.


Ishpeming Possecion
Ishpeming Possession

2nd Quarter – Starting in the second quarter the Gladstone team really kicked off and kept the Hematites in the dust. A great 3 point play to the Braves, 18-14 for Gladstone. After the Hematites call a timeout with 2:36 left to go in the 2nd quarter. Ishpeming started speeding up in the game and finally tied back up the game at 18-18. Later in the quarter, the Braves secured their lead going into halftime with a 3 point shot. 21-18 going into Halftime.

3rd Quarter – After halftime it seemed that the Hematites began to play with more tenacity and drive. Parker Gauthier was on the right side and kept trying to set up the plays but had some trouble executing them. Hematites later made two 2 pointers and gained the lead at 22-21. Hematites. Rebound taken by the Braves and it’s poked out of bounds by Johnson. Johnson at the free throw handed it down to the outside. The shot wasn’t successful but it was fouled on. With the Braves up to the free throw line and another scoring streak they secured their lead again at 28, while the Hematites follow close behind at 25. The first turnover for the Hematites brought them no success in the last 15 seconds of the quarter. 29-25 for Gladstone

4th Quarter – Going into the last quarter of Tuesday evenings game, Gladstone’s own Drake Johnson shot one up and grew the Braves lead at 37 with the Hematites still at 25. With 6 minutes left in the game, Ishpeming began their own scoring streak. A foul gave Parker Gauthier a free throw chance. Both attempts were unsuccessful. Little over 4 minutes left in the game and Ishpeming started responding. The Hematites, at 32 points followed by the Braves that were at 39,  kept bringing the heat. With only 2 minutes left in the game the Hematites took the lead at 44-41. In the last seconds of the game it was back and forth. Both teams drove the ball forward and were close in score. The Hematites win. 46-44 for the Ishpeming Hematites.

ENDING SCORE: 46-44 Hematites


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