Ishpeming Varsity Basketball Hosts Ironwood Red Devils

Ishpeming MI03/23/2021The Ishpeming Hematites host the Ironwood Red Devils for the first round in the playoffs here on WRUP 98.3

Both teams started the game playing to man to man, and the game stayed tight early on. These two teams are evenly matched out of the gate even though on paper Ironwood has the height advantage. With Kipling and Argall leading the team in scoring they managed to squeak out a small lead to end the first quarter 13-10.

Kipling started the second with a three pointer, followed quickly by a two from Argall as they pulled ahead to a comfortable lead on a 9 point run showing 20-10 on the score board. The pace continued to speed up and Ishpeming seemed to be taking advantage of being slightly faster. A couple of deep threes by Lyons and Boyd mid game by Ironwood closed the gap just as fast as the Hematites got there. Dabb tied it up to end the half 24-24 with a three pointer.

With the game all tied up starting the second half Ishpeming needs to defend the three pointer better, and push the fast break points to win this game. Two free throws gave Ironwood the first lead since 2-0 at 26-24. The Red Devils managed to slow the game down and start pulling ahead with a eight point lead at the end of the third, scoreboard showing 34-26 going into the fourth.

The final quarter had both teams going back and forth scoring in a hard fought game. With just over two minutes Ironwood leads with ten, scoreboard showing 40-31. Hematites so far not able to keep enough momentum to close the gap. Ishpeming tried to up the number of threes shot in the final minutes but unfortunately did not make enough to put Ironwood on the ropes. Red devils shooting well from the line kept Ishpeming from getting a win on the season.

Final 47-35


FINAL: Ishpeming 35, Ironwood 47




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