Hematites Girls Varsity Host the Menominee Maroons

Timeout team huddle

Ishpeming MI03/18/2021 The Hematites Girls varsity basketball team look to give the Menominee Maroons their first lost of the year here on WRUP 98.3

The game started with the Hematites scoring step and step with Menominee until good three point shooting started to separate the Maroons from the Hematites on the scoreboard. With four three pointers, shooting 100%, the Maroons led 24-10.

Three point shot
Three point shot

The second quarter had Ishpeming’s offense begin to stall out as Menominee continued a scoring run that started at the end of the first that ended at eleven points and a 33-12 lead for the maroons. Three point shooting and tight defense kept the lead with the half time score sitting at 41-19.

The third quarter had Menominee pulling away even farther. Every attempt to gain ground was met with a swift scoring response from a Marooner. The score board not looking favorable for Ishpeming, 56-28 to end the third.

Harris and DeLoughary did their best from beyond the arc making three point shots. The Marooners slowed the pace of the game down and did their best to manage the clock having a large lead. Hematites shrank the lead slowly but ran out of clock and used this opportunity to get some players off the bench and get them some more game experience. Menominee remains undefeated.

FINAL Ishpeming Hematites 41, Menominee Marooners 65


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