The Ishpeming Hematites Girls Basketball Team falls 49-45 to The Houghton Gremlins in the First Game of the Season!

Ishpeming, MIDecember 6th, 2019 – The Ishpeming Hematites girls basketball team welcomed the Houghton Gremlins into their gymnasium it was the the first game of the season for both teams on 98.3 WRUP.

The Gremlins wasted no time in the beginning. Freshman Annika Peterson scored two points immediately for her Houghton teammates. Ishpeming senior Madisyn Mead  fought back. Mead managed to get a basket making the score 2-2. The scoreboard quickly went from 2-2 to 4-4.

Houghton’s senior Josie Connors managed to make a basket bringing the score up 6-4. The Ishpeming Hematites and the Houghton gremlins were neck and neck throughout the game. Mead was moving fast on the court scoring basket after basket. Gremlin Maryellen Trewhells was moving just as fast. They quickly tied back up 14-14, that is until Trewhells ball bounced off the backboard and into the court changing things up to 16-14. Hematite Emma Poirier was successful with a three pointer allowing the Hematites to take the lead 18-16.  The Hematites and Gremlins remained neck and neck. Gremlin Paige Deforge tried her best at defense at the end of the second half, but Mead sneaked by allowing Ishpeming to get in and raise the score up to 26-23.

Things remained heated in the second half. The Hematites started out with the ball. Poirier manged to get the ball in the bucket bringing the score up 28-23.  Mead kept traveling up the court. Mead suceeded with a nice layup and a couple more baskets 34-27.  The third quarter flew by. The Gremlins manged to get ahead 45-44.

The court became a battle ground at the end of the second half. Mead took an elbow to the head and sat out for the rest of the game. Gremlin Trewhells fouled out of the game.  The Hematites took three timeouts in the fourth quarter. Poirier was able to get another couple points on the board for the Hemataties 46-45. The Gremlins were not stopping though Houghton’s Paige Deforge was scoring baskets and free throws.  The Gremlins managed to get ahead and take home the win 49-45.


Join 98.3 WRUP on Monday, December 9th as the Ishpeming Hematites girls basketball team take on the Kingsford Flivers in Kingsford!

Listen to the game here!



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