Ishpeming Hematites VS Bark River-Harris Broncos 48-8

Ishpeming, MINovember 01, 2019 – The Ishpeming Hematites and The Bark River-Harris Broncos met again on Ishpeming’s field! The Hematites dominated the Broncos in the first game of the playoffs season on 98.3 WRUP.

Ishpeming Seniors Otto Swanson and Ben Pruett were ready to move right away. Swanson had three good carries and Pruett had a powerful run allowing Ishpeming to score a touchdown 6-0. Ishpeming Hematitie John Corkin swiftly moved into the end zone. Ishpeming was able to get another touchdown with a two point conversion bringing the score up 14-0. Swanson managed to get a fantastic interception. Pruett threw a mean ball to Jacob Kugler. Hematites showed great teamwork on the field scoring another touchdown followed by another two point conversion bumping the score up to 22-0.

Swanson started the second quarter off with another impressive run resulting in a touchdown raising the

Ishpeming Hematites defeated the Bark River-Harris Broncos 48-8 on Real Classic Rock 98.3 WRUP.

score up to 28-0. Pruett joined in with a two point conversion changing the score 30-0.  Broncos fought hard, but the Hematites fought harder. Swanson swatted away the Broncos and allowed himself to get another great run and another touchdown changing the score 36-0.  Corkin managed to get a 25 yard touchdown run increasing the score to 42-0.

Just like the week before the running clock started ticking in the third quarter. Corkin came in hot with a eleven yard run with another touchdown 48-0.

The fourth quarter flew by. In the beginning of the quarter Bark River-Harris senior Hudson Huff managed to sneak in with a touchdown followed by a two point conversion switching things and the score up to to 48-8.

Hematites ended the district semi final game with a strong win 48-8!

Listen as the Ishpeming Hematites defeated the Bark River-Harris Broncos 48-8.

The Hematites are now advancing into the district finals. Tyler Young and Bob Nadeau will be back next week with the broadcast. Please stay tuned to keep up to date with the Ishpeming Hematities on WRUP 98.3

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