Ishpeming Hematites 0 lose to Westwood Patriots 38

Ishpeming, MI – September 20, 2019 – Tonight on the Ishpeming Playground, the Hematites took on the Westwood Patriots for a classic game of two rivals. Tyler Young and Bob Nadeau traveled to Ishpeming to report on and broadcast the game. Ishpeming came with a 3-0 winning streak, compared to Westwood’s 1-2. Last year, this game was cancelled so many have been waiting for this game. Will the Hematites continue their undefeated streak? We will find out tonight on 98.3 WRUP.

Possession started with the Patriots. They started putting down yards immediately in the form of a 20 yard return to the 40-yard line. A classic Swanson tackle brought the Patriots down on the 45-yard line. The Patriot’s Coach decided to call a time-out. An early time-out for Westwood would prove to be the right choice, they scored a touchdown shortly after. With a successful two-point conversion, the score became 8-0 Patriots. Clearly, Westwood was a force to be reckoned with tonight. Their team is similar to the Hematites, both having stellar defense.

Ball in Hematite hands, Corkin was quick to gain the team some yardage. An unfortunate false start for Ishpeming left 16 yards to down in the first quarter. Since the Hematites missed a potential touchdown, possession was given to the Patriots. They were eager to tie up their season’s record. Ishpeming has great defense, but the Patriots could not be stopped this time. They scored their second touchdown of the game, with a successful two-point conversion catch. The first half of the game wrapped up at a 16-0 Patriots. Westwood lacks a win on the Playground in years, but tonight showed us that may change.

In the past, when the Hematites have been down, they caught up in the second half. This just wasn’t seeming possible, the Patriots soon scored again. 24-0 was not a good losing score for the Hematites. On the other hand, Westwood’s crowd truly was going wild. The third quarter consisted of quick scores. The Patriots drove right into another touchdown, raising the score even higher in Westwood’s favor. With the board reading 32-0 Patriots, the Hematite fans were beginning to wonder if their favorite team would pull it off. Six minutes remained in the third quarter on the Playground.

Slowing down the game, an ill-favored injury came to Taylor Dellangelo of the Patriots. He was walked off the field, and began stretching and resting. A serious cramp can put a player in tremendous pain. The Patriots would throw in a backup quarterback to play for Dellangelo while he was down. The Hematites switched things up as well, going with the I formation. This did not work out in their favor. With senior stand in quarterback Mason Mariuzza stepping up, the Patriots scored another exciting touchdown.

With a score of 38-0 Patriots, the end looked rather grim for the Hematites. Stephen Kangas flew down the field with remarkable speed, helping out the Patriots maintain their lead. The time slowly trickled down until there was no more, and the Patriots won. Westwood had an awesome quarterback, Taylor Dellangelo who made it very difficult for the Hematites to keep up. He was very quick on his feet, getting exactly where he needed on the field in perfect timing until his injury.

Join Tyler Young and Bob Nadeau on Friday, September 27 as the Ishpeming Hematites take on the Negaunee Miners. You can catch the pregame around 6:30PM on WRUP 98.3, or stream live!

Listen to the full game – Ishpeming Hematites vs Westwood Patriots

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