09/08/2017 Hematite Friday Night: Hematites are defeated by the Wild Rose Wildcats 8-12

Wild Rose, WisconsinSeptember 8th, 2017– It was an earlier game than usual this Friday night as the Hematites traveled to Wild Rose, Wisconsin to take on the Wild Rose Wildcats. These two teams have been pretty well evenly matched in a lot of ways. After a long game and  lot of penalties and bruises later, the Wild Rose Wildcats took the win 8-12.

Wild Rose won the coin toss and deferred until the second half of the game. The Hematites kicked off the first half of the game. Hunter Smith made the first touchdown of the game with a 5yd run for the Hematites. Gavin Sundberg with a pass to Cooper Harris made the extra point. Tanner Deist made the first touchdown with a 25 yd run for the Wild Rose Wildcats right before the second quarter,extra point no good, making

Mike and Bob taking a selfie before the Ishpeming Hematites VS Wild Rose Wildcats game.

the score 8-6 at the end of the first quarter. With essentially a reverse, Tanner Deist scored another touchdown for the Wildcats, 56 yds. The Wildcats tried for two but Wyatt Bodette breaks the attempt. 8-12 was the score with the Wildcats in the lead at half-time.

There was no scoring at all in the second half of the game. So many penalties were called on so many plays by both teams that is was hard to keep things straight.  Coach said that they played hard enough to win but need to work on the fumbling problem and fix a few mistakes. The final score of the game was 8-12 with the Wildcats defeating the Hematites.


STATS: Ishpeming had 10 penalties for 100 yds. Wild Rose had 11 penalties for 104 yds.

Hunter Smith- 25 carries, 97 yds         Gavin Sundberg- 12 carries, 78 yds

Wyatt Bodette- 6 carries, 20 yds         Donald Denofre- 2 carries, -1 yds

Cooper Harris- 1 pass, 12 yds                Drake Sundberg- 2 catches, 37 yds

Zack Jandreau- 1 catch, 20 yds


Tune in next week, September 15th, as the Hematites travel to Manistique to take on the Emeralds! Mike and Bob will bring you all of the in-game action at 98.3 WRUP and WRUP.com! Go Hematites!


LISTEN LIVE- Ishpeming Hematites were defeated by Wild Rose Wildcats 8-12