Ishpeming Boys Crush Westwood In District Finals 65-47

Westwood, MIMarch 10, 2023The Ishpeming Boys matched up against he Westwood Patriots for the District Finals on Friday night. Tyler Young and Bob Nadeau were on the scene for WRUP 98.3!

The Hematites started the game strong by winning the tip off. The game remained scoreless for the first five minutes of the quarter. Westwood got the first two points of the game from the free throw line. Ishpeming got themselves on the board shortly after. The game was all tied up at 7-7 with two minutes left in the quarter. Ishpeming took their first lead of the night, forcing Westwood to call a timeout. The Hematites were on top at the end of the quarter.

Ishpeming:12 Westwood:11

The Hematites had great ball movement that helped them gained an eight point lead. Ishpeming took advantage of their momentum and continued to score. Westwood called another timeout after Ishpeming took a 15 point lead. The Patriots defense wasn’t enough to stop the Hematites from scoring. Ishpeming held Westwood to five points in the second quarter.

Ishpeming:32 Westwood:16

Westwood got the first two points of the second half. Great possessions from both teams made it an interesting game. Ishpemings stellar offense made it tough for Westwood to comeback. The Hematite boys took an 18 point lead, the biggest of the night.

Ishpeming:46 Westwood:28

Ishpeming started the quarter with the ball and immediately scored. Westwood answered back by doing the same. The Hematites took a 20 point lead at the beginning of the fourth. Ishpeming continued to score, making the student section go wild. It was a great team effort from Ishpeming, resulting in a victory.



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