Ishpeming Hematites Outscore Iron Mountain by 28 in 76-48 win

Hematite player shoots a big two-pointer
Hematite player shoots a big two-pointer
Hematite player shoots a big two-pointer

Iron Mountain, MI – January 23, 2023 – The Ishpeming Hematites took on the Iron Mountain Mountaineers Monday night on WRUP. Ishpeming had another 70 point game giving them back to back games with more then 70 points.

First Quarter: After the opening tip of Monday nights game Jenessa Eagle opened up the game with a big three pointer giving the Hematites a 3-0 lead to start the game. Ellis of the Mountaineers was able to make a big three pointer to bring Ishpeming’s lead down to two. The Hematites came out strong in the first minutes of the game as they led 10-5 nearing the halfway mark of the first quarter. Jenessa Eagle was able to make her second three pointer of the night bringing the score to 13-7 as the Hematites looked to keep building on their lead. The Ishpeming Hematites went on a little bit of a run that ended at the very end of the first quarter.

Ishpeming: 17 Iron Mountain: 11

Second Quarter: The Mountaineers scored the first basket of the second putting two up on the board, shortly after Jenna Maki responded with what looked to be a three pointer but was counted as a two. Iron Mountain started off the second quarter strong as they brought Ishpeming’s lead down to just one as they trailed 20-21. The Hematites responded to the comeback at the beginning of the second by going on a big run that seemed to have no end insight. During the Run Jenessa Eagle came up with a big steal giving it to Jenna Maki who dropped a big three pointer that quieted down Iron Mountains student section. Jenessa Eagle was having herself a night as she found her third three pointer of the night. Emily Copley ended a 19 point run that the Ishpeming Hematites were on with just thirty seconds to go in the third. After the Mountaineers brought the game within one point, Ishpeming’s offense caught on fire and began to run away with the game. Ishpeming led by 19 headed into halftime.

Ishpeming: 42 Iron Mountain: 23

Hematites shoot a free throw
Hematites shoot a free throw

Third Quarter: Iron Mountain opened up the third period with the ball and wasted no time as Emma Ellis dropped a big three pointer for the Mountaineers. For the fourth time of the night Jenessa Eagle was able to find the basket from beyond the arch, giving her 12 points for the night. Both teams went on the offensive as they kept going back and forth down court and staying neck and neck on the point scoring. The Hematites maintained their nineteen point lead as the third quarter reached the two minute mark. Jenna Maki was having herself a big night, playing a big role in the Hematites lead as she went over twenty points on the night during the third. During the final seconds of the third Jenessa Eagle in-bounded the ball to Jenna Maki who put up a three pointer beating the buzzer and draining the shot. The Hematites led 61-38 at the end of the third period.

Ishpeming:61  Iron Mountain: 38

Fourth quarter: Iron Mountain opened up the fourth quarter with the ball taking it down court were it was stolen by Jenessa Eagle. The Hematites scored the first points of the fourth as they forced a couple turnovers on the Mountaineers. Jenna Maki subbed out of the game finishing with 26 points during Monday nights game. Kaitlyn Vandeuren came into the game for the Hematites and drove the ball to the basket putting in a nice lay-up and putting Ishpeming at 70 points for the night. Peyton Kakkuri put up a huge three pointer that moved Ishpeming to 73 for the night. In the final minute of the game Laynie Korpi found the net from beyond the arch giving Ishpeming their final points of the night. After a very high scoring game Ishpeming walked away with the win  after outscoring Iron Mountain by 28, Ishpeming Hematites won 76-48.

Ishpeming: 76 Iron Mountain: 48




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