Ishpeming Hematites Boys Basketball Hammers Bark River-Harris, 67-41

Hunter Smith (5) shoots from beyond the arc

Harris, MIJanuary 2nd, 2023 – The Ishpeming Hematite boys basketball team hit the road on Tuesday night to play the Bark River-Harris Broncos. The game was broadcast live with Tyler Young and Bob Nadeau with the call on 98.3 WRUP and online.

Bark River-Harris won the opening tip and faced a stout Ishpeming defense, but after good ball movement Ethan Ives was able to get the first points of the night. The Broncos’ Vincent Martin would steal the ball away from the Hematites soon after and get the basket. Ishpeming would finally get on the board with a shot from A.J. Prosser. The Hematites looked to take the lead when Prosser powered through to get the basket and draw the foul.

The free throw wouldn’t fall, but things would heat up in the coming minutes, as both teams matched baskets back and forth. The Broncos would hit a three from Kaden Drossart to give Bark River-Harris the lead yet again, but Hunter Smith would take the lead right back for the Hematites after a three of his own. After a high paced first quarter it would be Ishpeming on top, 16-15.

Hunter Smith (3) moves the ball around the Ishpeming offense
Hunter Smith (3) moves the ball around the Ishpeming offense

The Hematites would be the first to score and pad their lead in the second quarter with a pair of threes in the first minute. Ishpeming then found themselves able to cash in on a three point play with Caden Luoma hitting his shot and drawing the foul. His free throw would fall and gave the Hematites a nine point lead. Preston Gauthier would then keep the Ishpeming scoring streak going by finding the bottom of the net to make it, 27-15.

Ishpeming would get themselves into a bit of foul trouble putting Bark River-Harris into the double bonus. The Broncos however weren’t able to make the best of their free scoring opportunities. Ishpeming’s Prosser would yet again drive the lane for a basket and draw a foul along the way. His free throw would fall to convert the three point play. A buzzer beater by Vincent Martin would cut the Bronco deficit to single digits.

Halftime: Ishpeming 30 – Bark River-Harris 21

Ishpeming would get the ball to start the second half, and they would be the first to score. A.J. Prosser’s shot would find it’s mark, and after a Hematite steal he would hit another basket to build the lead. The Ishpeming defense would be smothering as they would force multiple turnovers and cash in on the points.

The Broncos would finally score with a basket from Jacob Mileski. Bark River-Harris would look to battle back with a basket from Ethan Ives and Kaden Drossart. The Hematites would answer back with a shot from Hunter Smith. Caden Luoma would continue to play physical under the basket and draw a foul from the Broncos. Ishpeming would build their lead as big as 20 and continued to build in the final minutes of the quarter. It would finally come to an end with the Hematites firmly in the lead, 53-27.

Bark River-Harris would be the first to strike in the final eight minutes of play. Ishpeming’s offense didn’t show signs of slowing down as their shots hit the mark with A.J. Prosser and Alex Sundberg. The Broncos wouldn’t go down quietly as Vincent Martin would drive the lane and make the basket. Curtis Salisbury would dance his way around a Bronco defender to find get first points of the night and build the Hematite lead. The Hematites would find themselves up 30 as the offense moved the ball around to fresh legs on the court. The game would finally come to a close with Ishpeming going home with a big win.

FINAL: Ishpeming 67 – Bark River-Harris 41

The Ishpeming Hematites are back in action and on the road this Friday as they travel to Manistique to face the Emeralds. Tyler Young and Bob Nadeau will have the call live on 98.3 WRUP and also online. Tip off is slated for 7:30 EST with the Elder Agency Pregame show starting around 7:10 on 98.3 WRUP!



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