Ishpeming Hematites Fall Back Late To Houghton Gremlins, 62-45

Ishpeming Offense

Ishpeming, MI – December 2, 2022 The Lady Hematites, fresh off a win against Bark River-Harris, played host to the Houghton Gremlins on Friday evening. Tyler Young and Bob Nedeau were with the call live from Ishpeming High School on 98.3 WRUP!

1st: Houghton won the opening tip and started things with a turnover, that Ishpeming couldn’t capitalize on. The Gremlins would then open up scoring with Annika Peterson hitting the first bucket of the evening. Jenna Maki would pickpocket the Gremlins and go the other way for the fast break layup. The Hematites would hustle back down the floor and force a charge from Meghan Trewhella to get the ball back once again.

Ishpeming Warm Up
Ishpeming Warm Up

Ishpeming would capitalize with another bucket to build their lead. Jenessa Eagle would tack on another three points from beyond the arc to build the Ishpeming lead to five. Meghan Trewhella closed the gap a bit with a bucket for the Gremlins. Gwen Markham then put one off the glass on the next Houghton possession for add another two. The Gremlins would take the lead back after a shot from beyond the arc found it’s mark.

The Hematites struggled to find points as they continued to fall back on the scoreboard. Houghton did a great job picking up rebounds and getting second chance shots to land. Both teams struggled for position in the paint, but Stella Wickstrom made it look easy with a bucket down low for the Gremlins.

Houghton 13 – Ishpeming 7

Ishpeming Running Offense
Ishpeming Running Offense

2nd: Ishpeming had possession to start the quarter, and faced a six point deficit. They split their deficit in half with a three pointer from Lily Swanson, and ending an 11-0 run by Houghton. The Gremlins continued to win the battle of rebounds, but each team matched each others shots to keep the Houghton lead to three. Ishpeming came within one after a basket from Eagle to bring the score to 15-14.

Turnovers proved to be costly after Houghton got the ball back and drained a three by Clea Ollanketo off the glass. The Gremlins then would find themselves on the free throw line when Trewhella went two for two. Ishpeming looked to move the ball around which gave Eagle an opportunity to get another bucket. She would follow up with a steal, and another basket for the Hematites. Lily Swanson would then tally a steal and lead to Payton Manninen for the score and lead.

Houghton would then go up by one after a basket from Trewhella. Ishpeming did a good job to make passing difficult for the Gremlins. After a failed two shots from Ishpeming, Houghton would then go down the other way and pick up another bucket. With under a minute left Houghton found themselves at the line once again. Danica Ryynanen would go two for two with under :30 to go in the half. The two teams would score one more time, with Houghton draining a three, before the half would end.

Halftime: Houghton 27 – Ishpeming 22

3rd: Houghton held possession to start the second half, but it would be Ishpeming registering the first points. Jenessa Eagle went one for two on the free throw line. Houghton made up for it off the rebound and going the other way for the basket. Ishpeming would miss on their next possession, and Houghton would score yet again to build on their lead.

Jenna Maki would cut the Houghton lead to seven after an Ishpeming basket on their following possession. The press defense from the Gremlins forced another Hematite turnover with Trewhella stealing and scoring. Ishpeming’s defense then stepped up with Lily Swanson swatting a shot out of bounds. The Hematites would then sway momentum their way after a shot beyond the arc from Jenessa Eagle.

Houghton Shot Attempt
Houghton Shot Attempt

Ishpeming cut the lead down to four after another Eagle basket. Houghton was able to pick up a foul and go two for two from the charity stripe. Houghton continued to dominate the boards and cashing in on second and third chances. The Hematites improved on their offensive rebounds, but still struggled to get the ball to fall. Ishpeming wouldn’t be the only team with a shooting deficiency as Houghton couldn’t find their mark. The Hematites would score to end the drought in the period.

Houghton 42 – Ishpeming 36

4th: Houghton started the final eight minutes with possession, but failed to hit their mark on a pair of shots. Ishpeming looked to close the gap with a mid-range shot from Jenna Maki landing. Annika Peterson would easily score to get the two back for Houghton. The Gremlins would tack another another two with a basket from Stella Wickstrom. The Hematites would find themselves down 10 and looked to battle back.

The Gremlins would gather most of the momentum in the quarter going on an 8-0 run to start. The Hematites would give themselves great scoring opportunities but couldn’t finish. Houghton on the other side would hit a three point shot to continue to build their lead. Eagle and Maki would land a pair of shots to try and close in on Houghton’s lead. Ishpeming would attempt to battle back, but it would be too little too late as Houghton would close out the game for the victory.

FINAL: Houghton 62 – Ishpeming 45

The Lady Hematites are back on the court next Thursday. They will be playing host yet again, this time to the Gladstone Braves. Tip off is scheduled for 7:15pm ET with Tyler Young and Bob Nedeau on 98.3 WRUP!



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