Ishpeming Hematites Finish Regular Season With Loss vs Bark River-Harris, 28-20

Harris, MI October 20, 2022 The Ishpeming Hematites were on the road for their final regular season game of the year. They traveled to Harris to face off against the Bark River-Harris Broncos.

Q1: The Broncos received the opening kickoff and started their way downfield. With some help of some trickery, the Broncos picked up 30yds on a flea-flicker to put them inside Hematite territory. The Ishpeming defense was able to stop the Broncos from going any further when Ethan Corp dropped Vincent Martin in the backfield on a third down. Aidan Rajala stopped another Bronco in the backfield on fourth down to force a turnover.

After a punt the Bronco offense took the field yet again. They chipped their way down the field, and took a shot through the air to Ben Shiverski for a 30yd touchdown and a 2-point conversion. Giving Bark River-Harris the lead over the Ishpeming Hematites, 8-0.

Ishpeming then looked to fight their way back, and moved on to the Bronco side of midfield. They continued to rely on the run game with carries from Preston Gauthier and Ethan Corp. A high snap forced on third down brought up a loss of yards, and led to another Hematite punt.

Ishpeming vs Bark River-Harris
Ishpeming vs Bark River-Harris

Q2: The two teams continued to go back and forth into the second quarter. Ishpeming picked up a big first down with a fourth down conversion. Hunter Smith picked up 17 yds on a jet sweep to bring the Hematites down to the Bronco’s goal line. Ishpeming was able to finally punch it in with an outside run from Caden Luoma from 7 yds out. The 2-point conversion was successful from Preston Gauthier to tie things up, 8-8.

Bark River-Harris started to string some plays together, and a big catch from Ethan Ives brought them to the Ishpeming 10yd line. It was followed up with the Broncos finding the endzone with Ives finding Shiverski in the corner for the score. The 2-point conversion attempt from Vincent Martin was good to put Bark River-Harris up 16-8 over the Ishpeming Hematites.

The Hematites picked up a huge gain of 57 with a reception to Logan Hurkmans to bring them inside the redzone. The Broncos defense stepped up immensely as they shut the Hematites down in the redzone on fourth down on the goal line. Bark River-Harris held possession until the end of the half.

Halftime: Bark River-Harris 16 – Ishpeming 8

Q3: The Hematites started the second half of the game on offense and looked to even things up on the scoreboard. They depended heavily on their run game. When Ishpeming took to the skies, the Broncos were able to pick off an Ishpeming pass and bring it back to the Hematite 30yd line.

Bark River-Harris looked to add on to their lead in the following possession, but the Ishpeming defense foiled their plan with a pick in the end zone. The Hematites moved the ball across midfield with a big run from Preston Gautheir. Ishpeming converted a big fourth down with a reception from Logan Hurkmans from Ethan Corp. They linked up a few plays later this time landing in the end zone for the Hematite touchdown. The 2-point conversion was unsuccessful and the Hematites continued to trail the Broncos, 16-14.

Q4: The Broncos held possession to start the final minutes of play. The continued to chip away at the Hematite defense to bring them down inside of the redzone. Bark River-Harris found paydirt yet again after 10 plays with a run from Vincent Martin. The 2-point conversion pass was incomplete bringing the score to 22-14.

The Hematites answered immediately on the kickoff with Preston Gauthier taking it to the house for the touchdown. 2-point conversion was no good, allowing the Broncos to hold on to their two point lead. Ishpeming’s defense looked to step things up against a tough Bark River offense. Connor Gauthier was able to defend a tough pass to force the turnover on downs, and giving Ishpeming the ball back.

Ishpeming Defense
Ishpeming Defense

Ishpeming’s offense started off strong, but the Bronco defense caused problems with a huge sack on third down brought up fourth an long. The Hematites were unable to convert the down and gave the ball back to Bark River-Harris with extra yardage tacked on the end after a personal foul.

Bark River-Harris looked to hold on to possession with only a few minutes left to play. The kept things on the ground with carries from Martin and Tristan Halfaday. They did one better by finding the end zone once again with a 47yd run from Vincent Martin. The Bronco 2-point conversion was unsuccessful to keep it a one possession game, but in favor of Bark River-Harris.

Ishpeming’s last stand was unsuccessful after a couple good gains from Corp and Louma. The Broncos forced a turnover on downs, and took the victory formation to close things out and send Ishpeming home with a loss.

FINAL: Bark River-Harris 28 – Ishpeming 20


The Ishpeming Hematites wrap up their regular season with a record of 4-5. You can find out where the Hematites will be seeded and who their playoff opponent will be on the MHSAA Selection Show live on Bally Sports Detroit Sunday October 23rd at 6pm ET.

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