The Ishpeming Hematites win big against Gwinn Modeltowners (52-7) on WRUP

Ishpeming offense

Gwinn, MISeptember 30th, 2022 – Ishpeming Hematites traveled to Gwinn to face the Modeltowners. It was Gwinn’s Homecoming but Ishpeming looked to play spoiler. Tyler Young and Bob Nedeau were on the call on 98.3 WRUP.

Q1) Ishpeming Hematite’s offense started off very well against the Gwinn Modeltowners, moving the ball. Preston Gauthier headed the plays; making a first quarter touchdown. Gauthier was just short with the point after.

Gwinn took two outs within the first quarter and their offense struggled to gain yards in the opening quarter. The Hematites were able to bring their quarterback down at the 44 yard line.

Hematite Caden Luoma made a 31 yard run. Ishpeming kept running the ball successfully with Grady Gauthier finishing with a touchdown by Brayden Batiste. The two point conversion was good with Ishpeming leading 14-0.

Gwinn’s next series was with an immediate turnover. The Hematites came down with an interception but gave it right back the next play.

Ispeming beats Gwinn
Ispeming beats Gwinn

Q2) Hematites started the quarter on offense after the ball was punted. Gwinn’s defense Conner Bergland was able to reach Ishpeming’s quarterback for a loss of yards.

Ishpeming punted the ball to Gwinn.

Third timeout was called by Gwinn in the first half. They ended their play with a punt to Ishpeming, landing on the 36 yard line.

Ishpeming’s first offensive play of the series was a 12 yard gain on the ground by Preston Gauthier.

Hematites made their third touchdown in the second quarter by AJ Prosser making the game catch; thrown by quarterback Ethan Corp. Point after was no good. Ishpeming offense playing a strong game making the score 20-0.

Preston Gauthier attempted a run up the middle. Hematites make a catch at the 10 yard line. Preston Gauthier takes the ball to the 5 yard line; Gauthier stopped up the middle. Second timeout was called by the Hematites.

Halftime: Ishpeming 28 – Gwinn 0

Q3) Gwinn opened the quarter on offense. Ishpeming’s Preston Gauthier made the interception and had a decent return to give the Hematites a good position on the field.

Ishpeming’s Brayden Batiste was successful in scoring Ishpeming’s fifth touchdown of the game. Point after was no good, leaving the score 34-0.

Gwinn’s offense starts on the 23 yard line. Gwinn kicks the ball back to Ishpeming. Ishpeming soon fumbled the ball. Gwinn was able to recover the fumble, taking back control of the ball.

Ishpeming’s defense was able to stop Gwinn’s Conner Dupras from gaining yards during his running attempt.

Hematites punt the ball away.

Gwinn timeout
Gwinn timeout

Q4) Ishpeming starts out the 4th quarter with a big lead of 34-0.

Gwinn starts out the 4th quarter pretty quickly earning their first touchdown of the game. A successful pass from Conner Dupras to Averyan McGuire completed the play earning them their first scoring run. Their kick was good. Making the score 34-7.

Ishpeming’s Brady Gauthier returned with yet another touchdown for the Hematites. The 2 point conversion is short; making the score 40-7.

Catch on the run was successful by Gwinn’s Logan Soyring but the very next play they threw and interception to Ishpeming.

Ishpeming made a big gain, making it inside Gwinn’s 36 yard line.

Next play by Ishpeming was a touchdown by Caden Luoma. Point after attempt was no good. The game score jumped to 46-7 forcing the game into a running clock.

Ishpeming defense kept going strong. Holding Gwinn back; intercepting the ball, running the ball back.

Grady Gauthier runs the ball for a touchdown with just seconds left in the game. The point after was no good.

FINAL: Ishpeming Hematites 52 – Gwinn Modeltowners 7


Hematites 3-3; Modeltowners 0-6

The Ishpeming Hematites are back in action next Friday night as they cross the border to face the Tomahawk Hatchets of Tomahawk, Wisconsin. The game will be broadcast live on 98.3 WRUP at 7p.m. EST.


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