Ishpeming Hematites Dominate Against Gladstone Braves 40-27, On WRUP 98.3

Gladstone v. Ishpeming

Ishpeming, MI – February 8th, 2022 – The Ishpeming Hematites girls basketball team went against the Gladstone Braves Tuesday night. The game was broadcast live on 98.3 WRUP!

1st Quarter – With the tip off was Addie Morton for the Hematites and they continued into their drive with 2-0. The first couple possessions of the night went to the Hematites, working around the perimeter and a 3 pointer and they got a foul. Another foul gave the Hematites another chance to set up a drive, 9-0 with 3:40 left in the first quarter. In the back Gladstone was trying to find their footing and made it on the board with 12-4, still with the Hematites. This quarter was all Hematites as they continued to grow their lead. Addie Morton scored another 3 pointer and the crowd was loud and present too, bringing some more excitement in the gym. The Braves, who haven’t been supporting a successful drive this year, went into the 2nd quarter at 17-6 for Ishpeming.

Hematites Run Defense
Hematites Run Defense

2nd Quarter – Beginning the second quarter, the Braves were searching for some momentum and the offensive lead. The second foul on the Hematites did not take them down a peg as they continued to dominate the Gladstone braves. The Braves team could not take the lead. The Hematites lead the Gladstone Braves pretty much the entire first half of Tuesday’s game. The Hematites responded with a failed drive with another score, still in the winning position at 20-6. The Gladstone team had great offensive plays but just could not execute on the opportunities. At half time Gladstone Braves continued to fall with leading Hematites at 26-9.

3rd Quarter – The Hematites and Braves came into the second half flying with scoring. The game was back underway with the Gladstone possession. With Ishpemings opponent finding their footing, they began closing the lead at 30-18. The Braves, still continuing to dig themselves out of the hole at 31-20, still far behind the aggressive Ishpeming offense. The 3rd quarter of Friday’s game was just filled with Hematites dominance, 31-20. Inbound for the Braves is Claire Van Ginhaven. Gladstone found a little bit more rhythm later in the game and even ended up scoring 11 points in the 3rd quarter alone. Passing the ball in was Lilly Swanson who sunk in yet another 3 pointer to bring the battle to 34-20. Tuesday’s game seemed to be all Ishpeming with 34-21 at the end of the 3rd.

Hematites Huddle
Hematites Huddle

4th Quarter – In the last quarter of Tuesday’s game, the Hematites team started off with the possession. A lot of pressure on the Braves to close up the lead Tuesday even from the offensive Hematites. Lilly Swanson had a great game on Tuesday and continued growing the lead for the Hematites, 36-21. Abby Koski made a steal for the Hematites, and secured a 3 pointer for the Hematites, 39-23. 5 minutes were left on the clock in Tuesday’s 39-23 game and the Braves just could not speed up. Jenna Make with Ishpeming capitalized on a Gladstone failure and had a couple great plays getting them in an even better position. The Braves were steadily climbing back up at 26 points, but were still having trouble with only 30 seconds left. The Hematites dominated against the Braves, at 40-27.






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