Ishpeming Dominates Against Gwinn Modeltowners 55-21, ON 98.3 WRUP

Ishpeming, MI – February 2nd, 2022 – The Ishpeming Hematites girls basketball team took on The Gwinn Modeltowners Wednesday night. The game was broadcast live on 98.3 WRUP!

1st Quarter – In the first quarter of Wednesday night’s game, the Hematites won the tip-off. Within the first couple possessions of the night the Hematite’s own Korp went up the inside and the shot was good, 5-0. Two players changed out for the Gwinn team. Another foul gave the Modeltowners own Lena Pleaugh another chance to set up a drive. Quickly after a jump ball call went to Gwinn the Hematites own Lilly Swanson came up the floor and stole it away for another lay up, 13-2. A great play by Jenna Maki carried another out of bound play for the team, the Hematites. The Ishpeming team really dominated going into the end of the quarter, at 16-2.

Ishpeming Dominating Gwinn
Ishpeming Dominating Gwinn

2nd Quarter – Entering quarter two the Modeltowners were really looking for some offensive ground. However the Hematites respond with another score, still in the lead 18-3. Up to the free throw line was Gwinns own Lily Kerry but no points for Gwinn. With just over 5 minutes left in the first half of Wednesday’s game. Ishpeming continued to dominate against Gwinn. The Gwinn team seemed like they were doing a great job of circulating their line-up but the team just couldn’t get through Ishpeming’s offense, 22-8. The Hematites were just presenting some aggressive gameplay and got another foul play. Going into the second half the Hematites were defeating the Modeltowners, 33-11.

3rd Quarter – The Hematites and Modeltowners came into the second half with fire. The game was back underway with Hematite Jenna Makki, passed to Deloughary startin off their offensive plays. The Ishpeming team was just pressing on Gwinn at 36-13, continuing to demand a win. Houghton just couldn’t get around the Ishpeming offensive line, 40-13. The 3rd quarter of Wednesday’s game was just filled with Hematites dominance, 44-15. To pass the ball in was Jada LaCount but the ball was stolen away by Ishpemings Jenna Maki who knocked it out of bounds going to Gwinn. Wednesday’s game seemed to be all Hematites with the Gwinn team just not finding a way onto an offensive run, 44-16 going in the 4th quarter.

Modeltowners Freethrow
Modeltowners Freethrow

4th Quarter – In the last quarter of Wednesday’s game, the Modeltowners started off with the possession. A close game for the two teams brought the pressure Wednesday night and the crowd was present too. Abby Racine with a steal for the Hematites, 3 pointer for Ishpeming, 47-16. 5 minutes were left on the clock in Wednesday night’s game and the Hematites would not slow down, at 51-18. Gwinn’s own Justice Nix had a couple great plays getting them a couple free throws but was unsuccessful. A successful score and a foul put them in a better position against the Hematites, 51-29. The Hematites were steadily sliding into victory and scored another 3 pointer, 54-29. The last quarter of Wednesday’s game was an intense one. With under 3 minutes left in the quarter, the Hematites own Abby Koski secured another point from the free throw line, 55-21. The Ishpeming Hematites win against the Modeltowners, 55-21



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