Ishpeming Hematites Battle Against Gremlins In Overtime 57-56, On 98.3 WRUP

Hematites Face Gremlins

Ishpeming, MI – February 1st, 2022 – The Ishpeming Hematites started the new month battling against The Houghton Gremlins Tuesday evening. The game was broadcast live on 98.3 WRUP!

1st Quarter – In the first quarter of Tuesday night’s game, the Hematites won the tip-off. Within the first couple possessions of the night the Hematite’s own Jayce Kipling secured the first 2 points for Ishpeming. There were 4 minutes till the end of the first quarter when the Hematites took the lead at 6-3 after the free throws from their own Alex Sundberg. Another foul gave the Hematites another chance to set up an aggressive drive. Quickly after a jump ball call went to the Houghton Gremlins. A great play by Alex Sundberg carried another 3 points for the Hematites. The 1st quarter ended and the Hematites were still succeeding the Gremlins as they trail behind at 13-8.


Hematites Face Gremlins
Hematites Face Gremlins

2nd Quarter – Entering the second quarter the Gremlins are looking for some offensive ground. However the Hematites respond with another score, 15-8. Up to the free throw line was Hematite Griffin Argall and he secured another two points for Ishpeming. 23-19 for the Hematites with 4 minutes left in the first half of Tuesday’s game. Ishpeming continued to dominate the 2nd quarter of Tuesday night’s game and scored a 3 pointer with only 5 minutes left in the half. The Gremlin team seemed like they were doing a great job of circulating their line-up but the team just couldn’t get around the Ishpeming defense. They kept their legs fresh, drove the ball down but unfortunately the Hematites were just presenting some aggressive game play. Going into the second half the Hematites lead the Gremlins, 27-24.


3rd Quarter – Entering the second half of Tuesday’s game, the Hematites started with possession. The game was back underway and Hematite Parker Gauthier passed the ball in to Jayce Kipling. The Ishpeming team was just pressing on the Gremlins, continuing to demand their victory. Houghton just couldn’t get around the Ishpeming offensive line, 32-29. The 3rd quarter of Tuesday’s game was just filled with Hematites dominance. Jayce Kipling was on the outside and just lifted on in getting the Hematites to 35-30.. With just over 20 seconds left the Ishpeming team will enter the last quarter in the lead still at 36-35.

4th Quarter – In the last quarter of Tuesday’s game, the Gremlins started off with the possession. A close game for the two teams brought the pressure Tuesday night and the

Houghton v Ishpeming
Houghton v Ishpeming

crowd was present too. Gremlins own Dylan Primeau had a couple great plays getting them closer to getting ahead. A successful score and a foul put them in the lead against the Hematites, 39-38. The Hematites were steadily claiming their lead however the Houghton Gremlins came up out of the smoke by 2 possessions. The last quarter of Tuesday’s game was an intense one. The two teams were each hungry for the win. The Gremlins continued to hold the lead at 46-44 with just 5 minutes left. A jump ball call gave the Hematites more opportunity to score and gain some offensive ground. With under 3 minutes left in the quarter, the Hematites own Griffin Argall sinks a 3 pointer bringing them their lead back at 47-46. The Houghton team responded and Mikko Salmi received two foul plays and two more chances to score, 51-50 with 20 seconds left in the game. The Hematites continued to comeback and tied the game back at 52.



Overtime – Facing the last seconds of the game both teams were aggressive in their possessions and ended up going into overtime. 55-52 for the Gremlins after a foul play gave Salmi two free throw scores. The Hematites responded with another score, 55-54. Ishpemings own Preston Gauthier gained another score with a foul on the play as well. There were only 8 seconds left in the overtime play and the Hematites were sitting at 57-56.





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