Ishpeming Hematites Fall Against Westwood Patriots 53-43, On 98.3 WRUP

Ishpeming, MI – January 28th, 2022 – The Ishpeming Hematites girls basketball team took another win against the Westwood Patriots Friday evening. The full game was broadcast live on 98.3 WRUP!

1st Quarter – In the first quarter of Friday night’s game the Hematites and the Patriots both started off strong. On the tip off was Addie Morton for the Hematites who secured the ball. Within 2 minutes of the tip off, Hematites put themselves on the board with 2-0. A quick steal from Westwood left no time for the Hematites to respond and the Patriots tied the game up at 4-4. The Ishpeming offense was playing with some confidence Friday evening, when they secured another lead at 6-4. A foul went to the Westwood Patriots team bringing them two goals with less than a minute left in the quarter. The Hematites secured another point ending the first quarter with 10-8 for the Hematites.

Ishpeming Deffense
Ishpeming Deffense

2nd Quarter – Entering quarter 2 the Hematites kept digging into their offense and keeping the ball away from the Patriots. The Ishpeming team had an amazing rush halfway through this quarter and grew their lead to 16-12. Later in the game the Westwood Patriot’s Mallory Leece had a great play getting closer to the Hematites at 22-21. With the Patriots starting to gain some traction, they called a time out after securing the lead at 24-22. With 2 seconds left on the clock the Hematites shot on the buzzer but it was no good, ending the half. The Westwood Patriots lead at 24-22.

3rd Quarter – Beginning the second half the Hematites only had 3 fouls. The Hematites were still looking to gain control of the game as the Patriots continued to grow their lead at 27-22. They also started with the ball entering the 3rd quarter and went up and down the court leading against the Westwood team. The Patriots kept dominating the court in the 3rd quarter. At the top of 5 minutes left in the 3rd quarter the Hematites were in the back seat still at 30-22. The Westwood team was really utilizing their passing plays and continued dominating the Hematites. There was just 2 minutes left and the Patriots scored a 3 pointer bringing the pressure on the Ishpeming team. The quarter ends at 44-30 for the Patriots.

Hematites v. Patriots
Hematites v. Patriots

4th Quarter – Going into the last quarter of Friday’s game, the Hematites began with possession. The ball was in a cloud of players when the Hematite’s own Lola Korpi secured a couple free throws. Ishpeming’s own Addie Morton responded with a 3 pointer and it just rolled in. With a turnover the Hematites took the ball, Addie Morton secured a couple points that brought them to 48-34. For the Patriots, Natalie Prophet floated one in getting them to 50-34. Two successful free throws gave the Hematites more traction as they neared the end of this game. With just over 2 minutes left in the game the Hematites were falling farther behind and kept losing fouled players. There was no time for the Hematites to gain any traction in the ending seconds of Friday’s game, 53-43.





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