Ishpeming Hematites Take On Manistique Emeralds 41-29, On WRUP 98.3

Ishpeming Hematites

Ishpeming, MI – January 7th, 2022 – The Ishpeming Hematites boys basketball team won against the Manistique Emeralds Friday evening. This  game was broadcast live on 98.3 WRUP!

1st Quarter – The first quarter of Friday night’s game began with both the Hematites and the Emeralds. On the tip is Aj Prosser for the Hematites and a long pass secures 2 points for Ishpeming. Two minutes of the game were under way and a foul to Ishpeming gave Parker Graphos for Manistque a chance to score. A quick steal from AJ Prosser gives the Hematites another 2 points. The Emeralds were down 0-4 with only 5 minutes left in the quarter and the Hematites stole basket after basket bringing the score to 8-0. The Manistique team just couldn’t find any offensive momentum when Emerald Elmer Zellar secured the first points for the team. With under 2 minutes left in the first, the Hematites secure another 3 points. The first quarter ends 11-8 for the Hematites.


Hematites Offense
Hematites Offense

2nd Quarter – Beginning the 2nd quarter the Hematites really pushed forward and kept the pressure on the Emeralds. Parker Gauthier had a great play bringing the Ishpeming team up to 14-8. With the Manistitque starting to gain some traction, they scored a couple layups. The score was at 14-12 with under 6 minutes left in the first half of Friday’s game when the Emeralds Bryce Blixt shot up and Wyatt Demers caught a couple rebounds and secured their first lead at 17-15. There was only 2 minutes left in the 2nd quarter when the Hematites tied it up at 17-17 and continued pushing. With only 25 seconds left the Hematites secured the lead back at 20-17 and ended the first half.

3rd Quarter – Going into the second half the Hematites were still looking strong. The Emeralds started with the ball entering the 3rd quarter and went back and forth but Ishpeming ended up scoring first and brought their score up to 23-17. At the top of the lines the Hematites shot up for 2 points and scored, continuing to try to grow the lead from Manisitque. With only 3 minutes left in the 3rd quarter Manistiques own Wyatt Demers attacked all the way down and was able to score 3 points closing the lead from the Hematites to 25-20. Later in the quarter the Emeralds lost more opportunities to the Hematites giving them a bigger lead at 28-22. A quick rebound by AJ Prosser brought them up to 30-23 to end the 3rd quarter.


Ispeming v. Manistique
Ispeming v. Manistique

4th Quarter – Going into the last quarter of Friday evenings game, the Hematites really kept control. They started the quarter with the ball and didn’t hesitate at all. Within 30 seconds of the last quarter’s beginning the Hematites secured another 2 points. The Emeralds continued falling behind towards the end of Friday’s game and couldn’t find their way through the Hematites defense. There was only 5 minutes left in the quarter and the Hematites were in control of the game at 41-27. With the Emeralds still unable to gain control of the ball the Hematites offense kept driving forward. There was no time for Manistique to gain any dominance in Friday’s game and the Hematites won 41-29.






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