The Ishpeming Hematite Girls Basketball Won Against the Iron Mountain Mountaineers, 52-46

Iron Mountain, Michigan –February 03, 2020 –The Ishpeming Hematite girls started February off with a win. Tyler Young and Bob Nadeau were in on the action on 98.3 WRUP.

The Mountaineers won the tip. Mountaineer Claire Mongrain scored a basket in the beginning of the first quarter 2-0. Mountaineer Andie Ellis received her first foul, Hematite Emma Poirier scored a free throw 2-1. Iron Mountain senior put some points in for the Mountaineers 5-1. Poirier went back to the free throw line and scored both baskets 5-3. Rebekah Loman received the Hematites first foul, Reagan Lundholm went to the line and scored one basket 6-3. Hematite Madisyn Mead fouled and Iron Mountain freshman Ellison Powell shot one in 8-3. Mongrain pushed through with a bucket 11-4. Iron Mountain Maddie Sardina fouled, Poirier went to the line and scored 11-5. Hematite Tia Mattila worked her way inside and bounced the ball off the backboard 11-7. Sardina fouled again, Hematite Jocelyn Nyman threw in a few free throws 11-10. At the end of the first quarter Lundholm shot up a basket 13-10.

The Mountaineers started the second quarter with the ball. Nyman received her second foul, Iron Mountain sophomore Annslee Runsat floated two free throws up 15-10. Poirier was quick to respond with a three 15-13. Mattila tied the game up with a two 15-15. Olivia Corp received a foul. Mountaineer Tori Sorensen scored two free throws 17-13. Ishpeming senior Kayla Koski tied the game back up with a floater 17-17. Mead got the Hematites ahead with a three 20-17. Mead fouled again, Lundholm went back to the line and scored 20-18. Mountaineer Annslee Runsat tied the game back up 20-20. The Mountaineers broke the tie with a free throw 21-20. Poirier put the Hematites back on top with a basket 22-21. Tia Mattila received her second foul, Runsat scored two free throws 23-22. Rylee Harris drained a three for the Hematites 23-25. The Mountaineers tied the game back up with a basket 25-25. Poirier fouled, Lundholm broke the tie with two free throws 27-25. At the end of the second quarter Poirier put in a three 28-25.

The Hematites were hungry in the third quarter, Poirier scored immediately 30-25. Lundholm answered with some points 30-29. Hematites responded back with another bucket 32-29. Mongrain floated up with a layup 32-31. Koski scored a bucket 34-31. Poirier folded, Sorensen put in a free throw for Iron Mountain 34-32. Koski worked her way inside and scored 36-32. Runsat put in another bucket for the Mountaineers 36-34. Unfortunately Lundholm injured herself on the court.The game still went on. Hematites put up a three 40-34. Powell managed to score a bucket for the Mountaineers right before the buzzer 40-36.

Both teams were tense in the fourth quarter. Mattila scored a two right away 42-36. Loman fouled, Runsat scored two free throws 42-38. Koski threw in a three point shot 45-38. The Mountaineers responded with a two 45-40. Mongrain went up with a layup 45-42. Mongrain kept moving and tied the game up with a three 45-45. Mead floated one in 47-45. Runsat received a foul, Mead scored two free throws 49-45. Koski threw in a a three pointer 52-45. Hematite Nyman fouled, Powell went to the line and scored a free throw 52-46. The Hematites took the win home back to Ishpeming 52-46.

Join Tyler Young and Bob Nadeau Tuesday, February 4th as the Ishpeming Hematite boys basketball team play against the Houghton Gremlins. The pregame show will kick off around 6:45pm on 98.3 WRUP.

Listen to a recording of the broadcast here!

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