The Ishpeming Hematite Girls Basketball Team Challenged the West Iron County Wykons, 36-26

Ishpeming, Michigan – January 20th, 2020 – The Ishpeming Hematite girls basketball team took on the West Iron County Wykons Monday night. Hematite starters Madisyn Mead and Jocelyn Nyman were not playing in the game.Tyler Young and Bob Nadeau were in on the excitement on 98.3 WRUP.

The Wykons started off with the ball in the first quarter. Tori Bociek scored a three pointer immediately. Hematite Emma Poirier fought to get past the Wykons. Poirier managed to pass the ball to Kayla Koski, Koski scored a two pointer 3-2. Wykon Emily Nelson floated the ball in 5-2. Nelson turned around and scored again 7-2. Nelson ended the fourth quarter at the free throw line she made both basket 9-4. Right before the buzzer Poirier bounced the ball in the net 9-6.

Things were ready for takeoff right away in the second quarter. Tori Bociek scored a two pointer 11-6. Poirier had her first foul. Wykon Livea Mazurek went to the free throw line and scored a basket 12-6. Koski worked here way inside and scored 12-8. Emily Nelson flew past the Hematites and scored again 16-8. Olivia Corp received a foul. Aurora Dahl walked to the free throw line and scored two baskets 18-8.  Dahl passed the ball on to Nelson. Nelson managed to make a basket 20-8. Right before the clock ran out the Hematites manged to change the scoreboard 21-13.

The Hematites came back stronger in the third quarter. Wykon Jordan Shamion made her appearance on the court scoring a basket 23-13. Hematite Rylee Harris pushed through with a three pointer 23-16. Wykon Anna Malmquist responded with a two pointer 25-16. Koski quickly moved and scored a bucket 25-18. Malmquist still wanted more she scored a three pointer 28-18. Koski found an opening and scored with a nice layup 28-20. Poirier received her second foul. Wykon Shamion went to the line and missed her free throws. Malmquist recieved her first foul. Poirier went to the free throw line and missed both baskets.  Harris got her hands on the ball and passed it to Hematite Rebekah Loman. Loman bounced the ball off the backboard and in 28-22.

The Pressure was on in the fourth quarter. Harris helped her Hematites out with a deep three 28-25. Wykon Mazurek scored a basket 30-25. Dahl injured herself and went to to the bench. Corp went to the free throw line and made a basket 30-26. Malmquist moved fast up the court and scored 32-26. Malmquist ended up at the free throw line and made both buckets 34-26. The Hematites tried hard, but fouled again and Malmquist went back to the free throw line and scored two baskets 36-26. The clock ran out and the Wykons took home the win 36-26.

Join Tyler Young and Bob Nadeu Tuesday, January 21st as the Ishpeming Hematite boys basketball team take on the Marquette Redmen. Catch the pregame show around 6:45pm on 98.3 WRUP.

Listen to the action here!

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