The Ishpeming Hematite Boys Basketball Team fall to the Negaunee Miners, 62-27

Negaunee, MI January 15th, 2020– The Ishpeming Hematite boys basketball went to Negaunee to play their rivals on Wednesday night. Tyler Young and Bob Nadeau were in on the excitement on 98.3 WRUP.

Ishpeming senior Gavin Argall was back on the court after being out sick. The Hematite boys and fans were proud to see him back in action. The first quarter started off right away with the miners scoring a three 3-0. The Miners kept on moving they manged to score four more points 7-0.  Hematite Ben Pruett went to the free throw line and scored a point 7-1. The Miners went back up with a two 9-1. Hematite Otto Swanson ended the fourth quarter at the free throw line and scored a bucket 11-2.

The Miners were still working the court in the second quarter. They scored immediately 14-2. Argall helped get the Hematites moving with a two pointer 14-6. The Miners were pushing the Hematites away, they managed to move the score up to 20-6. Miner Chas Kumpula went up with a three 23-6. Hematite Jacob Kugler manged to get the ball into the bucket 23-8. Negaunee senior Drew Lindberg rushed across the court and scored 26-8.  Hematite Ben Pruett quickly passed the ball to Argall, Argall went up and scored a basket 27-10. Miner Alex Munson was quick to respond with a bucket 29-10. Miner Jason Waterman was right behind leading his miners with shot after shot. The second quarter ended with a score 35-10.

The Hematites started off with the ball in the third quarter. Miner Drew DuShane made an appearance on the court with a two pointer 37-10. Jacob Kugler found an opening and bounced one in 37-12. Kumpula shot up a two pointer 39-12. Jacob Kugler kept shuffling across the court and went up with another two pointer 39-14. Hematite Chase Jensen followed right behind Kugler with a bucket 39-16. Waterman pushed through the Hematites with a nice layup 45-16  Argall worked his way across the court and scored 45-18. Waterman ended the fourth  at the free throw line 47-18.

The Miners were not going anywhere in the fourth quarter. Jakson Sager scored immediately 49-18. The Negaunee Miners put in a long three 52-20. DuShane scored a free throws 53-20. The Miners were showing strong defense on the court, the Hematites were struggling to get by. Lindberg got his hands on the ball and scored a two 55-20. The Hematies found an opening and scored 55-22. Negaunee Miner Will Luke walked over to the free throw line and scored one basket 56-22. The Miners were not stopping for anybody, they went back up with two more baskets 60-22. Swanson pushed through towards the end of the game with a bucket 60-24. Negaunee junior Caleb Abbott went to the free throw line and made both baskets 62-25. Ishpeming junior Jack Waananen left his mark at the very end with a basket 62-27. With sixteen seconds left Miner Nick Jacobetti failed to make two free throws, however the Miners still ended up winning 62-27.

Join Tyler Young and Bob Nadeu Thursday, January 16th as the Ishpeming Hematite girls Basketball team takes on Iron Mountain. Catch the pregame show around 6:45pm on 98.3 WRUP.

Listen to the game here!

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