The Ishpeming Hematite Girls Basketball Team Visited Calumet to Play The Copper Kings, 71-67

Calumet, MIDecember 19th, 2019 –It was a cold night, but the Calumet gymnasium was hot. The Ishpeming Hematites competed against the Calumet Copper Kings. Tyler Young and Bob Nadeau made the trip to Calumet to keep fans posted on 98.3 WRUP.

The Calumet Copper Kings were ready to go right away. Copper King Elli Djerf scored the first two points of the game. Djerf’s Teammates Marybeth Halonen, and Jana Loukus were working well with her in the first quarter.  The Calumet Copper Kings were able to get a ten point lead right away.  The Ishpeming Hematites could feel the pressure from Djerf. Hemmatite Emma Poirier broke through the pressure and was able to get the Hematites on the board with a three pointer 10-3. Rebekah Loman from Ishpeming was able to add some points to the score 10-5. Madisyn Mead of Ishpeming stepped out on to the court with some free throws. Halonen and Djerf were not going anywhere they were shooting baskets left and right. The first quarter ended with a score of 21-13.

Ishpeming started off the second quarter with the ball. Kayla Koski of Ishpeming was able to get a ball in right away raising the score up 21-15.  Copper King Loukus was fierce with a layup. Poirier and Tia Matilla of Ishpeming were able to shoot some more baskets. Loukus came rolling out of the left wing with a three pointer adjusting the score 30-18. Loukus teammate Djerf was right behind her to back her up with another three pointer 33-18.  Hematite Madisyn Mead threw a smooth ball to Matilla. Matilla was able to score a three pointer 33-21. Poirier manged to make a nice three pointer as well. Copper King Lizzie Torola managed to get by Ishpeming and bounce the ball off the rim and into the basket. Kayla Koski was quick to respond right before the buzzer she accomplished a three pointer 37-29.

At the start of the third quarter Djerf and Loman were moving quickly on the court. Djerf bounced the ball off the backboard and into the basket. Hematite Koski answered with a three pointer 39-32.  The Copper Kings kept moving Djerf and Loukus accomplished more three pointers. Hematite Rylee Harris was moving as well, she managed to score a three pointer in the third quarter 45-39. Kayla Koski was working hard to block Djerf.  Copper King Ellen Sturos put up a three pointer 50-41. Hematite Matilla got the ball in the bucket at the end of the third quarter moving things up to 52-44.

Things were speeding up in the fourth quarter. Ishpeming player Harris got two points in right away 52-46. Djerf was still hot she was  still able to score more points for her Copper Kings.  Koski made a nice pass to Matilla. Matilla bounced the ball in 55-49. Harris and Matilla manged to make more great three pointers 59-55.  With less than five minutes left on the clock Calumet decided to take a timeout. Halonen came back from the time out with  some nice passes and some nice shots 63-55. Ishpeming Hematite Poirier was able to accomplish some more baskets before she fouled out of the game 67-61.  Harris had another fantastic three point shot 69-64.  The Ishpeming Hematites called a timeout with less than sixteen seconds left on the clock.  Djerf showed off some nice free throws 71-64. Hematite Mead scored a three pointer. The Hematites had a total of 15 three pointers, however it did not change the outcome.  The Hematites scored the most points in the fourth quarter, but they couldn’t catch up to the Copper Kings. The Copper Kings wore the crown and finished with a win 71-67.

Join Tyler Young and Bob Nadeau Thursday, January 2nd as the Ishpeming Hematites girls basketball team play against the Gladstone Braves. The pregame show will kickoff around 7:00pm on 98.3 WRUP.

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