The Ishpeming Boys Basketball Team Started Their Season Off With a Loss to The Gladstone Braves, 65-53

Gladstone, MIDecember 10th, 2019 – The Ishpeming Hematites Boys Basketball team traveled to Gladstone for their first game of the season to take on the Gladstone Braves! Tyler Young was present to keep the fans updated on 98.3 WRUP.

The game started off with a lot of back and forth play between teams, until Gladstone Cam Ballard scored two free throws putting the Braves on the board 2-0. Ishpeming Hematites jumped in and got the ball in the basket tying the score up 2-2.  Ishpeming struggled to keep the Braves at Bay.  Cam Ballard manged to score a three point shot and brought the score up 5-2. Braves scored another basket and Gladstone Brave Rane Castor made a smooth layup changing things up 10-2.  Chase Jensen managed to work his way past the Braves and score two points for the Hematites. The Gladstone Braves responded with another two points ending the first quarter with a score 12-4.

Gladstone started off with the ball in the second quarter. The Ishpeming Hematites struggled to find a lane to get inside. John Corkin finally managed to get in and score two points for his team raising up the heat and the score 12-6. The Braves were not backing down though they managed to work together and change the score to 17-6. Jayce Kipling responded scoring some more points for his team. Braves players Jarret St. John and Michael Hagebusch were working hard on the court keeping things moving and scoring more points 23-11. At the end of the second quarter Castor was able to bounce one off the glass into the basket scoring his first points for the game 23-11. Castor was not stopping there he followed with some nice free throws changing things up to 27-11.  Breck Bell worked his way in and scored for the Hematites. The second half ended with a score of 27-14

Hematites started the second half with possession of the ball. Cam Ballard manged to break in and score a nice layup 29-14.  Cam Ballard kept working hard and managed to score more points for his teammates. Ishpeming Hematites were attempting to pick things up. Bell manged to get a swift lay up and the Hematites started moving and scoring more points. Noah Ballard was quick to respond scoring again for the braves making the score 31-20. Gladstone kept scoring and the Hematites kept trying to work their way up.

The fourth quarter started off with a score of 52-36. Bell came alive in the the fourth quarter, he scored most of his points at the end of the game. Jacob Kugler, Gavin Argall, and Jayce Kipling managed to score some points for the Hematites as well, but Gladstone Braves Cam Ballard and Castor were not wasting anytime on the court they were scoring left and right.  The Gladstone Braves ended the game with a win on their court 65-53.

Listen to the game here!

Join Tyler Young and Bob Nadeau on Friday, December 13th as the Ishpeming Hematites boys basketball team take on the Westwood Patriots. You can catch the pregame show around 7:00pm on 98.3 WRUP.


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