Big Bay de Noc Black Bears Boys Basketball fall to Manistique Emeralds 70-45

Big Bay de Noc Black Bears Boys pressure the Manistique Emeralds

Manistique, MI – January 5th, 2018 – The Big Bay de Noc Black Bears Boys High School Sports Basketball team suffered a crushing defeat to the Manistique Emeralds on January 6th with a final score of 70-45.

From out of the gate in the first frame Manistique made a 3-pointer opening shot to push their lead on the Black Bears and set a tempo for the remainder of the game that saw Big Bay de Noc having trouble passing and controlling the ball and left the first trailing 20-7 Manistique. The second frame followed closely to the first, with the Black bears unable to catch a break against Manistique’s Skyler Anderson who put points on the board every time he took possession of the rock. The Bears struggled into the end of the first half showing some trouble dribbling and shooting the ball. The first half finished up with Manistique solidifying their lead 34-20.

The second half was no more forgiving to the bears, with the Emeralds delivering unanswered shots, however Big Bay turned up their game and began answering back in the face of Manistique towards the end of the third, however the Emeralds returned a big 3 breaking up their streak and cutting the Bears momentum. With the threat looming of a running clock it was all Big Bay could do to keep the score close enough that Manistique would have to earn that W, and earn it they did with a final score of 70-45 Manistique Emeralds.

Big Bay de Noc Black Bears Boys prepare the drive
Big Bay de Noc Black Bears Boys prepare the drive

This victory for Manistique comes just after they suffered their own crushing defeat against the Ishpeming Hematites when despite their best efforts the Hematites put the game into a running clock and took the W.

The Big Bay de Noc Black bears however are not down and out, the boys are looking and feeling good despite the score, it’s always to be expected when playing against other schools with a larger attendance of students, as the talent pool is significantly more diverse, our boys fought a hard game and it showed spirit and conviction coming into their next match January 12th against Forest Park.

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