Ishpeming Hematites End Their Football Season With a Loss to The Beal City Aggies, 27-8

Mount Pleasant, MINovember 16, 2019 -The Ishpeming Hematites traveled below the bridge to face on the Beal City Aggies at the Mt. Pleasant Memorial Community Stadium. 98.3 WRUP was there to keep fans updated.

The game started off very slowly. Ishpeming seniors Ben Pruett and Otto Swanson started out in the backfield. The hematites were moving fast, but apparently not fast enough.  The aggies were on top of their tackles.  John Corkin tried to work his way up the middle, but as Tyler Young put it “Corkin was met by a mass of humanity”.  Beal City’s TJ Maxon worked his way up the field, but the flag came down.  The first quarter of the game was scoreless.

The game began to speed up in the second quarter Beal City’s Ben Matthews managed to get a touchdown for the aggies followed with a nice kick by Beal City’s junior Aidan Mindel. The aggies lit up the score board 6-0.  Hematites Ben Pruett and John Corkin were in the backfield. Corkin and Pruett fought to get past the aggies, but the aggies fought harder. Beal City’s Senior Trey Small moved like lighting on the field scoring another touchdown for his team. The touchdown was followed by another impressive kick by Mindel raising the score up to 14-0.  Hematites kept pushing, however the aggies managed to score another touchdown wrapping up the second half 20-0.

The hematites started off the third quarter with the ball. Swanson and Pruett covered the back field. Swanson worked his swift arm. Pruett managed to get in some good tackles to keep the aggies away, the aggies did not stay away for long though. Ben Matthews worked his way up the middle and manged to get Beal City another touchdown. The Touchdown was followed by a straight kick by Mindel raising the score up to 27-0.

The hematites got on the board in the beginning of the fourth quarter. John Corkin flew past the aggies and scored a touchdown for the hematites. Followed by a two point conversion changing the score to 27-8. Corkin decided he was not finished. Corkin worked hard to get a seventy yard run touchdown. Corkin brought the score up  27-8 . The game ended with a win for the Beal City aggies.

The hematites may have lost, but overall they had a great 2019 football season! Coach George Niemi said ” My team has represented themselves with the highest of Hematite standards!

We’ll have more on the Ishpeming Hematites next month when basketball season comes into play here 98.3 WRUP.

Listen to the broadcast here.

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