Ishpeming Hematites overtake the Westwood Patriots 42-40

Hematites Layup

Ishpeming, MI – December 11th, 2017 – The Ishpeming Hematites Girls’ team faced off against their cross-town rivals; The Westwood Patriots this evening and pushed their win streak to 4-0 to become undefeated with a 42-40 win against Westwood in a tight game.

Ishpeming walked into this game as a favorite, with some speculating a running clock due to extreme weather. The Hematites Girls started the season with a win and have remained undefeated 3-0 so far in their season. The Patriots have had a great season however coming in with 2-1 and set their sights on taking another win.

The first frame backed the Hematites to a wall, the Patriots drove in 4 unanswered points, despite efforts from Mariah Austin several layups didn’t come home. The Hematites came back to match the Patriots 4-4 thanks to Madigan Johns putting up 4 free throws over two fouls by Westwood. It did not take long for Johns to get fired up making the first field goal, and she delivered a staggering 8 of the 10 points for the Hematites by the end of the first frame with a tie score of 10-10.

Hematites take the court
Hematites take the court

The name of the game in the second quarter was Madigan Johns, she came into the second on fire, delivering basket after basket on the Patriots thanks to the superior speed of the Hematites, pulled ahead 19-15 by mid-frame. The momentum didn’t last however, the Patriots fired back against the Hematites and answered the Hematites lead by closing the gap and then taking lead to end the first half 20-25. Mariah Austin held the next highest score of 5 points for the Hematites.

Mariah Austin put points on the board early in the 4th. Chloe Sjoholm stripped the ball from Westwood and ran it across court to put the Hematites back on the board with Westwood 24-25, followed immediately Madigan Johns putting up a 3 pointer allowing the Hematites to pull ahead 27-25. Both teams exchanged points for the duration of the third, and the Hematites finished strong with Madigan Johns putting up her second 3 pointer finishing out the third 36-31 Hematites.

In a tight clenched finale of this rivalry game, the Hematites and the Patriots fought over every square inch of the court, firing back shot for shot. Mariah Austin and Madigan Johns pummeled at Westwood with the assist of entirety of the Hematites girls maintaining a closely tied score as each team one upped the other, eventually landing on full man to man pressure with a 40-40 score, ultimately the Patriots slipped up and fouled Chloe Sjoholm, who fired in two free throws bringing the Hematites to a 42-40 lead. In the closing 10 seconds, Westwood had the chance to put up a 3 and take the game but failed to deliver and so the Hematites pushed to victory 4-0 undefeated.

The Ishpeming Girls will take on Escanaba in Ishpeming on December 14th, game starts at 7:15 here on 98.3 WRUP.