Ishpeming, MI – February 11th, 2022 – The Ishpeming Hematites boys basketball team went against the Iron Mountain Mountaineers Tuesday night. The game was broadcast live on 98.3 WRUP!

1st Quarter – Entering the game the tip off went to the Hematites Tuesday night and Jenna Maki took it down the court. Addie Morton with the ball in the back, passed it off and floated it up for 2 points. The Hematites were on the board, 4-0 within minutes of the game beginning. The Mountaineers

Ishpeming Hematites
Ishpeming Hematites

team responded to an aggressive drive by the Hematites with another smooth layup, at 7-4 still in favor of the Ishpeming. The Hematites had more than one chance to set up a drive and they sure did deliver. The Iron Mountain team was successful with a drive and another score, but still climbing at 7-6. The Hematites had great offensive plays and were exceptionally defensive against the Mountaineers as they went into the second quarter behind Iron Mountain at 8-7.

2nd Quarter – Into the second quarter, the Hematites at 10-8 after a successful drive and they took the lead. The Iron Mountain team were then looking for some momentum to gain that offensive lead, but with Lilly Swanson performing with no mercy, they just didn’t let them have any leash. Jenna Maki, Hematites #1, attempted a long 3 pointer and it was good. The teams were battling up and down the court when the Hematites started to continue growing their lead at 14-11. With the Hematites for the most part controlling their lead in the first half, Lilly Swanson kept making her way around the Mountaineers defense with ease. The Iron Mountain team needed to search for some offensive angst if they wanted to make some distance in the game Tuesday night. Only a minute left in the first half of the evening game, the Hematites own Addie Morton came in for substitution and flushed a three pointer, Ishpeming at 17-11. The team just had a really hard time catching up to the Hematites aggressive offense. At half time the Hematites were in a promising position and the Iron Mountain team was far behind going into the 3rd quarter. 19-11.

3rd Quarter – The game was back underway, the Hematites with possession found Bailey Zellar for a 3 pointer. The Mountaineers ended up fouling the ball for their 3rd time, giving Ishpeming just that much of an easier time claiming the victory. They continued to fall to the Hematites at 22-15. With 4 minutes left in the quarter, the Hematites kept up on their offensive momentum and continued to bury the Mountaineers. Far in the lead was Ishpeming’s inbound Lola Korpi was pushing the ball up the right side and drained yet another 3 pointer, 28-20 for the Hematites. Iron Mountain’s

Hematites Offense
Hematites Offense

own Ashlyn Bal began to demand more momentum but at this point it did not look good for the Mountaineers. Inbound ball from Iron Mountain as they turn towards the big shot opportunities. There were just no successful passes for the Mountaineers and they were shooting 18% going into the last quarter behind the Hematites, at 41-20.


4th Quarter – In the last quarter of Tuesday’s game, the Mountaineers team began with the ball hoping to climb an outrageous point deficit at almost 20 points. The Ishpeming team started their first possession of the quarter with another 3 pointer. Abby Kosky with the Hematites took the ball up after a jump ball went to Olivia Corp, Ishpemings #33 Hematite. The ball on the left side, a Mountaineer, Emma Ellis #10, shot up for a 3 pointer, hoping to do something with 3 minutes left in the game. With the Hematites just dominating in Tuesday’s game and going through a lot of defense they continued to crush Iron Mountain at 52-24. There were more than one handful of opportunities for attack to the Hematites, however the Mountaineers just didn’t catch onto any momentum. A successful block from Chloe Maycroft did bring them a chance at what was a great offensive drive, but only for 3 points at 55-27.  The Hematites were still climbing in the lead when the buzzer ended the game at 56-28 for the Hematites.





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