Annual Reports, Accomplishments, and Agendas During the 2018 DRIC Yearly Meeting

DRCI President Jim Grundstrom.

West Ishpeming – June 30, 2018 – The DRIC (Dead River Campers Inc.) met today for their annual meeting in the Westwood High School to conduct business.

Present at tonight’s meeting was the 2017 – 18 DRCI Board:
Jim Grundstrom — President
Lee Woods — Vice President
Joe Ervin — Treasurer
Bruce Bussone — Secretary
Chuck Sundberg — Trustee
Gary Goodman — Trustee
David Grigg, Jr. — Trustee

Folks brought their ballots and voted for two new board members to take over the open positions. With two positions open, the three board candidates spoke during tonight’s meeting:  Joe Ervin, Gary Goodman, Mike Nardi. Ballots were put in a Locked box by attendees and will be brought to an attorneys office to be opened and counted Monday in Marquette.

There have been a number of recent accomplishments for the Dead River Campers Inc.
There have been a number of recent accomplishments for the Dead River Campers Inc.

A forestry official discussed improving the Basin Habitat Project. The DNR & Forestry are planting some shrubs, apples, red oaks, red and white pine, and and some food plots for acorns. The 2016 grant is to be completed by October 2018.

235 acres of timber will be sold with 120 acres of hardwood soft maple and yellow birch. 120 acres of species removal will happen. Long lived oaks and pines will stay. A small clear cut will also happen. 5 bids were received and Holly Forestry was awarded and bought this for $135,000. On July 15th, Holly will start cutting. Harvesting will happen 7am to 7pm weekdays. A pic is attached showing the 4 harvest areas. Field tours happened for campers whom had questions answered by

White spruce tress are being stressed in our area and can be hazardous because of a quick die when a bore of disease comes upon them. So if a big White is near your camp consider removal.

Many people were interested in hearing what was going on with the basin.
Many people were interested in hearing what was going on with the basin.

For the forestry cuts, some neighbors of the 4 cut sites are also working with Holly while they are near the 4 plots on campers land. So if they have a heavily wooded lot, forestry spokesperson Rex will work with the campers for thinning. For cutting contact Rex asap whose contact Info. is on the site.

DOC Turino came to the stage and was honored with a plaque this morning as he was the one that started the fireworks.

There are several RECENT DRCI ACCOMPLISHMENTS and they are listed on a slide.

Yellow Buoys are out on the North end with Yellow marking the center of the Dead where you are to boat near. Green buoys mark stumps.

Financially the DRCI is solid. Joe Ervin, Treasurer, did a solid detailed job of sharing new accounts, new software, and new audit control for managing the campers 1.8million dollars which are the DRIC current asserts. Joe recently took over for Daryl Sunberg whom managed the accounting for 12 years. Each year UPPCO contributes about $60,000 for permits and fees for the dames are area electric generation facilities.

The annual meeting was head at Westwood High School in West Ishpeming.
The annual meeting was head at Westwood High School in West Ishpeming.

Fishing on the basin was discussed. A fish transfer program will continue. Years ago, the dirty water of Silver Creek Dam breaking killed all the small fish and just the big predator fish survived. The walleye now seem to max out at 13 to 14 inches. A needed feeding program will continue because the Basin doesn’t have 2 and 3 inch minnows. The DRIC has promoted to the DNR a new Slot Size limit program on the Basin. The DNR has not agreed yet. The DNR suggests a tree falling program along the basin in less busy areas for more cover and feeding areas for small fish and minnows.. Campers might fall up to 10 trees a year and each tree will be studied as they are tied to a stump. The DNR is planting 10-20,000 fingerlings on every even numbered year. The minnow netting and review program will continue. A new 5 year plan will be prepared. Also there’s been numerous moose, eagle, swan and cougar sightings. The warning to campers came that we should watch for Cormorant birds and there is a plan to stop these birds and a board member should be alerted of the sighting.

Everyone is invited to attend the DNR educational Invasive Species meeting on Saturday July 7th 9am to 1pm. It will be at the East end boat ramp. Also August 18 is the kids derby and all are invited.

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