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Mission: Kill Bill …Bill is Still Alive

Sorry Uma, being social won out over sitting down and watching movies this weekend.  Between homework for work, personal projects, and internet dragons (though a whole lot less on the internet dragon

Just Between You and Me: I’ve Never Seen Kill Bill…

…One or two. To be fair, my taste in visual entertainment is pretty limited. I’m a pretty antsy person, so getting me to sit still for any length of time is difficult.

Flying Bike Video

Designers from the Czech Republic build a battery powered flying bicycle.

Chris Hadfield Singing David Bowie’s Space Oddity aboard International Space Station

Weasel Stomping Day

Top Google Searches 2012

Help the Ishpeming Hematites Go to NYC

The winning continues for the Ishpeming Hematites! The Ishpeming High School has officially won Sports Illustrated’s Underdogs competition. 19-year-old Eric Dompierre received the most online votes in the competition, so Ishpeming‘s athletic

Kid Sings The Blues In Guitar Shop

Moon Running

ISS Passes Over Stormy Africa (w/Milky Way)

Thin Lizzy

A Brief History of Guitar Rock Riffs

Trenary 2011 Outhouse Classic

What a time everyone had at the 2011 Trenary Outhouse Classic! With live updates on AM 1400 WQXO, even people who couldn’t make it to Trenary were updated with news and interviews.