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In the Right Mind

February 8, 2015

In The Right Mind with Dan Adamini

Marquette, MI – February 7, 2015 – County Road 595 – Presidential Race 2016 – EPA Better than ISIS? – HEADLINES – The Most Interesting 3 Minutes in Live Radio–   Rich Rubino – Political Blogger for the Huffington Post chatted about the Presidential Race, and those running from the right side. 3 first-term senators […]

Marquette, Mi – January 31, 2015 – Should Sharia Law be used by Football Referees? Intercept a Pass-Lose a Hand – theft! Headlines – the Most Interesting 3 Minutes in Live Radio! Check Out & Comment on My Facebook Page Super Bowl Sunday – Each winter on Super Bowl Sunday For fans it’s a […]

Marquette, MI – January 24, 2015 – Will President Obama Weigh in on the State of Tom Brady’s Balls? Headlines – the Most Interesting 3 Minutes in Live Radio Deflate-Gate : Apparently the only story of the week The New England Patriots are a current target for ITRM Parody Songs – FOOTBALL DEFLATION using the […]

Marquette, MI – January 3,2015 – Top Stories from 2014.. Most Requested Parody Songs.. Interview with Joe Barfield Interview with Joe Barfield – Author of Moonshadow This fictional book was written in 1987, and rewritten over time… but is eerily prophetic in some of its settings. Joe also discussed similarities between past fallen empires and […]

Marquette, Mi – December 13 – Why is ANYONE offended by another’s belief? Today’s headlines had one woman so upset it took her almost an hour to call in to say how angry she was… Made my heart grow 3 sizes! In The Right Mind – Headlines – 122014.mp3 Freedom FROM Religion vs. Freedom OF […]

Marquette, Mi – November 29, 2014 – America has a long history of giving thanks – We Should All Join! THANKSGIVING HEADLINES – the most interesting 3 minutes in live radio!   Each year, I like to take this weekend to remind people of our history of giving thanks. It is a long and rich […]

Marquette, MI – November 22, 2014 – Sharpton, Obama, Ferguson & Bambi on Today’s Show Headlines – the Most Interesting 3 Minutes in Live Radio In The Right Mind – Headlines – 112214.mp3 Listen to the beginning of the show… If I don’t offend you, be patient… I’ll get to you eventually! Please DO NOT […]

November 16, 2014

Dan Adamini In The Right Mind

Marquette, MI – November 15, 2014 – Winter Storms hit Michigan do almost as much harm as Obamacare! Headlines – the most interesting 3 minutes in Radio? Headlines In The Right Mind – Headlines – 111514.mp3 Obamacare was passed on INTENTIONAL LIES Obamacare “architect” John Gruber admitted designers of the plan could not tell the […]

Marquette, MI – November 1 2014 – All Interviews on Today’s Show Headlines – The best 3 minutes in Radio (click to listen) Today’s show was almost entirely Interviews. Summarized below, these candidates deserve your consideration. Listen to the interviews by clicking the links at the bottom of this post. U.S. Senate Candidate TERRI LYNN […]

Marquette MI – Ocober 25, 2014 – Interviews Galore on Today’s Show – Election Day Is Near!   Headlines In The Right Mind – Headlines – 102514.mp3 Don’t forget to listen to the headlines at the beginning of the show – It is certainly worth the effort. The Most entertaining 3-minutes of your day! they […]

Marquette, Mi – October 18, 2014 – None of the food in Obama’s healthy food mandate would satisfy a teacher on Pot St Ignace Teacher Arrested for Pot Distrubution Remember, people are innocent until proven guilty, but a teacher in St. Ignace was arrested for distributing Pot… something her medical Marijuana Card does not permit. […]

Marquette, MI – October 11, 2014 – Benishek / Columbus Day / Ebola / Dem Lying Ads / Tech Talk / Wild Pigs & ISIS Congressman Benishek discusses Jobs, The War on Coal, Ebola & ISIS Dr Dan Benishek has helped get Northern Michigan back on track with good jobs in the Trades. Working folks […]

Marquette, Mi – October 4, 2014 – Interview with Dan Benishek – Secret Service – Ebola – and More Lies from the Democrat Governors Association Secret Service A Fence-Jumper as apparently the last straw in a long list of scandals plaguing the Secret Service Agency. The song SECRET SERVICE MAN makes light of a situation […]

Marquette, Mi – September 27, 2014 – Do Green Litterbugs Support Eric Holder Like Obama Does? Climate March This Week’s Climate Marchers Left a lot of litter when they were asking people to take better care of the planet. Conservatives complained about the hypocrisy and the mess… Liberals complained about the people who brought it […]

Marquette, MI – September 20,2014 – Is the NFL support of bad actors a bad as democrat support of bad liars? NFL Has Been Excusing Bad Behavior for Decades After the Ray Rice incident incited anger at the NFL, a light has been focused on double standards in society – something I’ve fought since beginning […]

Marquette, Mi – September 13, 2014 – Did Obama Steal a Bush Speech to rally the country to war? Obama / Kerry War over the use of the word WAR? President Obama did his Best George W Bush Impression this week as he tried to rally the country to a war footing against terrorist group […]

Marquette, MI – August 30, 2014 – Would Al Sharpton Defend Marquette Teachers on Labor Day? Al Sharpton targeted by ITRM (In The Right Mind) Our First FAKE INTERVIEW took a speech from Al Sharpton, Parsed it, and added my own questions. For a first endeavor I thought it went well… give your opinion below. […]

Marquette, Mi – August 16, 2014 – Obama Didn’t Cause the Problems… He Just Made Them Worse! 4 New Songs today about President Obama’s Foreign Policy Ineffectiveness. From the Border Crisis on the southern border My Solution – Let ’em In until we fix the border BUT… NO Citizenship or Benefits if you’re here illegally-EVER. […]