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ROUND ONE!  FIGHT! My cat, Audi, Destroyer of Sleep and Vanquisher of Boxes, is a very mellow cat …most of the time. Then she met the tampon box and refused to believe it was empty. Sorry about the video.  I normally try NOT to take videos vertically on my phone, but it’s very rare that […]

Marquette, MI – July 14, 2014 – Have you been on Twitter lately?  Or Instagram.  Or Facebook.  Why do people insist on letting the world know what they had for dinner?  Do we care?  Is it some sort of weird fetish thing?  Can someone explain it to me?  Even the local wildlife is getting in […]

Marquette-MI (Phillip) Computers, Cable and Satellite boxes, DVD players, video games, modems and WiFi routers all need to be connected. In the case of my living room they connect to each other with LAN (Local Area Network) Cables. Every time I move my entertainment center it seems like the rat’s nest grows a little more […]

Marquette – April 7, 2013 – Balancing food groups is essential to good health, good skin, plenty of energy all day, and some spark in your step. An occasional visit to the doctor is essential for a quick review too. A man visits his doctor with celery stalks stuck in each ear and a carrot […]

July 27, 2012