6th Annual HBAUP Wild Game Dinner

Gun Raffle

Marquette, MI – Jan. 27, 2023 –

Last night, the famed Home Builders’ Association of the U.P. held its annual Wild Game Dinner & Raffle. There were raffles galore and some amazing food. A plethora of excited guests and volunteers were in attendance. There were even two random tickets pre-purchased at the door for walk-ins. I actually met with one of the walk-in patrons, and they said that they really enjoyed it and the food blew them away. Maybe now, they’ll be buying their own HBA Dinner & Raffle tickets annually!

The night kicked off with purchasing raffle tickets and jaunting about dropping them into buckets with the most appealing prizes. All of the prizes proved to be desirable, though. There were even themed table prizes:

A fly-fishing table with a fishing guide voucher from Superior Outfitters,

A man cave table sponsored by the good folks from Eagle Mine,

An ice fishing spread for all sorts of ice fishing gear,

and many more!

Once everyone got a good chance to grab a drink and spread their tickets about, the lights started flashing . Everyone took their seats leading Sara Foster, CEO of the HBA, to introduce the emcee for the night, Adam Carpenter. They began doing a couple raffles while food was being prepared, and after the winner of the camo gnome was decided through a game of Heads or Tails, it was time to eat. The scent of the food was irresistible as one walked down the hallway to the buffet line. As always, the food was more exotic than just beef or chicken. The spread included bison tips, blackberry salmon, and elk. For dessert: Assorted flavors of cobbler. No wonder tickets sold out so fast. With all the delicious grub, you might be wishing you had bought a ticket before the HBA SOLD OUT of them. There’s always next year!

After most people finished eating, the real raffling started. Guns, youth raffles, girl scout cookies, themed table prizes, charcuterie boards, knives, and any other outdoor rec themed prizes you can think of were being raffled off to whoever had the most luck. Almost all the kids seemed to have walked off with a treasure trove of prizes. The winner of the purple 9mm and matching holster purse from Browning lit up with joy when she had heard what she had won! The evening was filled with good times for everyone. It was good company all around.

Browning Combo Winner

The winner of the matching pistol and holster purse set from Browning.



(More photos will be added later today.)

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