Ishpeming Hematites Defeated by Breckenridge Huskies 12 – 6 on 98.3 WRUP

Mike and Bob say hello from the press booth.

Ishpeming, MI November 10, 2018 – The field was laden with snow from Mother Superior miles away, community members donated their time to clear the space for the Ishpeming Hematites football game. The Hematites were defeated by the Breckenridge Huskies with a score of 12 – 6. Both teams really brought it out for this game, but only one can advance further in the playoffs. The week prior, they triumphed over the West Iron County Wykons with a score of 36 – 0.

During the first quarter, both teams started off strong. The Hematites focused mostly on defense, as they knew this adversary was going to be challenging. Cameren Valliere of the Huskies was the first to score a touchdown. Matthew Traywick attempted to tackle this doggone player, but to no avail. The two point conversion was not successful. The score remained at a standstill until the second quarter. Drake Sundberg of the Hematites had a 6 yard run at 8:03, dodging these hefty warriors into the end zone. With 21 seconds on the clock, Lucas Ebright of the Huskies made a 53 yard run into the end zone, bringing the score from a tie to 12 – 6. The Hematites hunkered down further on defense for the last two quarters of the game, but were unable to surpass the opposition.

Congratulations to the Breckenridge Huskies, they will be advancing further into the playoffs. Unfortunately, this means the Ishpeming Hematites will end their season here. “We salute all the players on the team for a great season,” said Bob Nadeau with a twinge of sadness in his voice.


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