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The Silverado Summer Giveaway Two-Year Truck Lease from Frei Chevrolet Goes to Elizabeth Lizotte form Sawyer

Written by on July 20, 2018

Marquette, MI  –  July 19, 2018  –  After a week of hot temps, it was a perfect sunny, 75 degree evening at River Rock Lanes and Banquet Center for our Silverado Summer Giveaway! Major Discount thanked all 40,000 of you who registered to win. We had 339 of the 400 people we invited join us tonight for the biggest party of the summer with an even bigger grand prize. The lucky winner of the two-year lease on a brand new 2018 Silverado from Frei Chevrolet was Elizabeth Lizotte from K.I. Swayer.

Mrs. Lizotte said her son had just bought a vehicle from Frei Chevy in the last few weeks, and she’d visited the lot looking for a truck just for herself.  She said winning the Silverado Thursday night was “a miracle,” and she — not her husband — would be the one driving it, and her dog was gonna love traveling in the large back seat.

Our main grand prize sponsor, the family-owned Frei Chevrolet, brought owner Jim Grundstrom and the rest of his crew to tonight’s party. The two-year lease on a 2018 Silverado is one of the most popular prizes we’ve had so far at Great Lakes Radio!  And the 2018 Silverado is one of the most popular vehicles on the Frei Chevy lot.

Nancy and Amy also got tore the perfect number of tickets tonight - impressive, no?

Nancy and Amy also got tore the perfect number of tickets tonight – impressive, no?

We opened the banquet hall doors at 6:30pm this evening with Nancy and Amy running the welcome table. They gave out door and grand prize tickets as people entered to find a seat inside and welcomed everyone to another Great Lakes Radio giveaway party! With everyone settled in, Sunny.FM’s Walt Lindala and 103-FXD’s Adam Carpenter took over as Emcees for the night. As usual, while welcoming everyone to the party, the two made jokes at one anothers expense livening up the atmosphere. After thanking our sponsors and River Rock Lanes for hosting years of Great Lakes Radio giveaway parties, it was time to kick things off with some door prizes! Walt and Adam called out numbers from the front of the room while our runners ran gifts back to door prize winners.Queen City Running Company donated some t-shirts and hats for guests and five $10 certificates to U.P. Power Sports went out too. We also gave out othe prizes like Pomp’s Tire Decks of Cards. Quality Care Care Center Oil Changes, and $10 Menu Certificates to Congress Pizza.

With lots of happy door prizes winners in the crowd, we paused for one of the best parts of the night, dinner! 103.3 WFXD’s Eric Scott released tables one by one to take a tour through the buffet style set up in the bowling alley’s aracade area. The fest brought by Mama Russo’s included their delicious homemade salads and Yooper Beer Brats!

Mama Russo's brought quite the spread.

Mama Russo’s brought quite the spread.

While party goers enjoyed the great taste of Mama Russo’s that comes with every Great Lakes Radio giveaway party, we gave out even more prizes. Mixed in with the last of the door prizes, we handed out from WRUP Packers T-shirts and Jet’s Pizza Certificates – not that anyone could think about eating after seconds from Mama Russo’s. The Bag o’ Drinks were a big hit at the party. Eight different restaurants and bars from Marquette County donated a drink chip for a free beer at their restaurants. We put them all in one baggie and sent five Bag o’ Drinks home with some pretty happy door prize winners.

Finally, Great Lakes Radio General Manager and owner, Todd Noordyk made his way to the front of the room to draw finalist tickets for the major event of the night, the truck giveaway! Jim and Jill Grundstrom and Mike Angeli also joined the Major at the front to pull out some winning tickets. As Jim drew the first seven tickets out of the bucket he handed them off to Jill to read. As each ticket number was called out, the ticket holder came up to the front of the room to choose their fate. The finalists each chose from the selection of station envelopes with the hopes of picking the big winner.

Everyone opened their envelopes at once.

Everyone opened their envelopes at once.

Breaking before the eighth finalist ticket, Major Discount took a moment to reveal our next giveaway prize! It’s a machine any hunting, ice fishing, wood gathering Yooper will love. We’re giving away a Snowdog and Sled from the guys down at Four Seasons Small Engine in Escanaba. Check out the Win a Snowdog Giveaway official contest page for details and contest rules. You can see the Snowdog at Frei Chevy starting this Friday!

Here is Liz with her husband's Jeep.

Here is Liz with her husband’s Jeep.

Jim Grundstrom pulled the final ticket and our group was complete. Once everyone was lined up in the front of the room, the crowd counted down and the finalists opened their envelopes all at once. Elizabeth Lizotte picked the lucky envelope and pulled out the winning sheet. Elizabeth was filled with so much joy that she was shaking. Liz is a long time shopper on and she made the right choice by picking the envelope! She drove her husbands rusty Jeep to the party, but now she’ll have a beautiful 2018 Silverado of her own!

The K.I. Sawyer resident was so thankful for her new two-year lease and we are very excited for her to pick it up tomorrow from Frei Chevy! All of our other finalists went home with consultation prizes from some of the best businesses in the community! Shawn Nowicki from Marquette won the Super One Foods Food Basket with the basket from Great Lakes Fresh Market going to Dan from Gwinn and David McClellan went home with the Tadych’s Econo Foods Basket. Our Swick Home Services Gold Star Service Contracts went to Larry Lawrence, Cori Polkinghorne, with Michele Bentti taking home the Impact Hammer, Hose, and Compressor from Advanced Auto!

Mike Angeli, Elizabeth Lizotte, Jim Grundstrom, and Jill Grundstrom with the Silverado Summer Giveaway Grand Prize.

Mike Angeli, Elizabeth Lizotte, Jim Grundstrom, and Jill Grundstrom with the Silverado Summer Giveaway Grand Prize.

To see more photos check out our other posts on,, and

Listen to Elizabeth Lizotte talk about winning the 2018 Silverado Two-Year Lease

Special thanks to all of our sponsors: Frei ChevroletHudson’s Classic GrillSuper One FoodsJet’s PizzaTadych’s Econo FoodsOjibwa CasinoCasa CalabriaGreat Lakes Fresh Market,River Rock LanesKountry KornerCrossroads Mini-Mart, Ojibwa Casino, Swick Home Services, Queen City Running Company, Carpet Specialists Carpet One, Pomp’s Tire, Quality Car Care Center, Imperial Beverage, Congress Pizza, Paradise Bar, U.P. Power Sports, Pasquali’s, Crossroads Restaurant, Jackson’s Pit, Smarty’s Saloon, Brogie’s Tavern, Venice Pub & Pizzeria, Gwinn Inn, Up North Lodge, Happy Hour Bar & Grill, Brown’s Store, Throttle Bar & Grill, Advanced Auto, Wood Jewelers, and Cafe Allenatore.

A quick moment from the party

Videographer: Kiley Baysore

See over 200 photos from tonight’s party

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